Date posted: 01/06/2022 5 min read

The next phase of hybrid work

Effective digital workspaces are about so much more than allowing your software to be accessed remotely, writes Sam Allert, Reckon Group CEO. Brought to you by APS Software.

It’s clear that hybrid and remote work in the accounting industry is here to stay. Indeed, a recent survey by McKinsey found that almost two in three employees want the ability to work from home in a way that best suits them. There’s plenty of advantages for employers too in the new normal, but setting up firms for success with a truly digital workspace is key.

Long before the pandemic turned the way we work on its head, APS, as a division of Reckon, invested heavily in putting our core software product into the cloud by launching the APS Accountants’ Workspace. We’ve taken what was the leading on-premise accounting software and made it available remotely in the cloud , and we want to take the industry on the journey with us to transform workplaces for the better.

A truly digital accounting workplace isn’t simply the old office, dispersed. It’s a purpose-built, single cloud platform that encompasses not only leading-edge integrated practice management and compliance tools for accountants (APS), it also provides all of the tools your practice needs to operate efficiently.

Unlike other software platforms on the market, Accountants’ Workspace is configurable and scalable. It integrates seamlessly with Office 365 tools, emails, calendars, and other third party apps. Because it’s 100% in the cloud – alongside being a browser-based practice management, tax and general ledger – firms can incorporate other third party products, such as document management systems, into the cloud. All of your dashboards and products are on the one server, making things easier, safer, and more accessible.

Sam Allert, Reckon Group CEOPicture: Sam Allert, Reckon Group CEO.

Efficient and secure

When it comes to cybersecurity, a piecemeal approach to protecting information in remote working conditions just isn’t going to cut it anymore. With APS, locating all of your software in one environment means data security can be managed by multifactor authentication logging. No need to juggle permissions, lose documents saved to desktops, or send confidential information via email.

Training is important here – it’s an opportunity for collaboration and standardisation of the way your employees work, so they can focus on what they do best.

Having a truly digital workspace means you can not only make the hybrid workforce more effective, it means automating and standardising practice systems, and it allows you to operate a lean internal structure. Combining both the physical and the remote workplace into one smart ecosystem empowers employees to connect and provides tools where everyone can collaborate. Alongside its robust security features, it enhances flexibility for staff and management alike.

APS was ahead of the curve when it came to creating true digital workspaces for accountants, and now we’re ready to help firms embed everything they’ve learned from the pandemic into an effective and efficient hybrid workplace.

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