Date posted: 01/06/2022 5 min read

Is my client data secure?

Many businesses wonder if their cybersecurity is up to scratch. Internet law expert Arran Hunt answers common questions. Brought to you by Liberate I.T.

Two-thirds of CA ANZ members say their organisation experiences disconnection between multiple platforms, according to the 2021 Technology Survey undertaken by CA ANZ and sponsored by Liberate I.T. An answer to this issue is an integrated business management software solution such as Oracle NetSuite, but often organisations don’t engage one due to concerns about security.

Internet law expert and partner at Stace Hammond, Arran Hunt, answers some of the most common questions about this.

What cyber threats should I be worried about in 2022?

Ransomware is unfortunately still on the rise. Scams change names and evolve to become smarter versions of the ones they used to be. Now, we’re seeing more artificial intelligence being used in developing the text of the scams, incorporating knowledge about you and your accounts to make them seem more authentic.

When it comes to data privacy, who is responsible?

If the data is from you or your client, then you ultimately have the responsibility. If a third party of yours does have a breach, the onus is on them to notify you, but then it is on you to manage control of the issue. Swift action can help minimise the negative impact on your reputation from a data breach if managed in the right way, so it pays to be ready and plan responses.

What security aspects should I be looking out for in a cloud partner?

Firstly, there are the standard checks to see how often backups are occurring, what the redundancy plans are, and to determine how long it would take to recover from a backup. You’ll need to work out how much time your business can afford to recover from a backup.

“You’ll need to work out how much time your business can afford to recover from a backup.”
Arran Hunt, Stace Hammond

You should also check where data is being stored or backed up to. Some legislation lets governments in certain countries access the data in particular situations that can cause privacy concerns. This may also trigger privacy requirements to notify your clients if it occurs.

Finally, look to ensure ongoing accessibility of data, even if things do go wrong with a partner. Are there protections in place so that data can be released within a reasonable time should a dispute occur? Fees may be required to access it, however, data should not be ‘held hostage’ until a dispute is completely resolved, which could be months or years later.

What’s the best way to stay up-to-date on threats?

A credible and reputable IT partner is the best place to start. They are used to managing business security and technology concerns, and the better ones stay current on changing security needs. Check to see if they are certified by the larger technology companies they partner with as part of your solution.

A partner you can trust

“A solution that can assist with both organisational disconnection and robust security is an integrated, cloud-based business management software, like Oracle NetSuite,” says SPOKESPERSON from Liberate I.T., 2021 Excellence in Customer Service Partner of the Year across JAPAC.

“They have data centres around the world, including Sydney and Melbourne, and each centre has a counterpart that provides data mirroring, disaster recovery and failover capabilities. Our role is to partner with businesses to help them integrate NetSuite into everything they do, so that they’re both more secure and more productive.”

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