Date posted: 04/10/2016

electronic signatures table

Product Costs What access control options do you have? Does the software encrypt data? Does the software provide an audit trail? Does the software bulk send documents? Does the software integrate with tax/accounting software? Does the software allow witness signature?


Digital signing that is built into your file management. Includes e-signatures
and digital signatures, multiple signatories, multiple authentication options,
automated updates and more.

 A$35 per user, per
month (unlimited
Multi-factor authentication available. Access controlled through login to SuiteFiles site for those sending documents.
Yes. Yes. No.

Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition goes beyond just digital signatures, and provides an end-to-end
solution for client engagement, onboarding and payments which then automates
invoicing and workflow. Used by more than 5000 accounting and bookkeeping
firms around the world.

A$99 to A$499 per
month depending
on the number of
clients engaged
through Practice
Practice Ignition allows you to restrict access to proposals, and also includes user permissions where access can be limited within the firm.
Yes.   Yes.  Yes. Yes. Practice Ignition integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and other platforms.


Provides convenient and legally-binding electronic signature software.
Documents can be signed anywhere from any device. Also offers document
analytics and 200+ document templates to choose from.

Free to US$59 per
month, depending
on plan.
PandaDoc offer a few roles and permission settings. Account owners can restrict and permit access to different workspaces as required.
Yes. Freshbooks and QuickBooks via our Zapier integration.

FuseSign, made by FuseWorks.

Includes tailor-made features for the accounting industry:

  • set signing/viewing/no access permissions for each individual document
    (and each recipient) in a very simple way
  • unlimited documents and unlimited recipients per bundle (a group of
  • unlimited user accounts at no additional cost. Firm-wide control panel/
  • smart rejection handling to finalise/retract or remind clients
  • custom branding and firm-wide customisations
  • two-factor authentication for signers included in subscription cost no lock-in contract subscription options, optimised for mobile use.
From A$75 month
with 50 signing
credits. A signing
credit is used
when there is a
signer required on
a bundle. A bundle
can have unlimited
and unlimited
FuseSign has a unique functionality in that each recipient for a bundle has unique actions for each document within. These are sign, view, or no access. This allows much faster and easier administration of complex family groups and multiple recipients with various requirements. Yes. 
Yes.  Yes, you can include unlimited number of documents and recipients per bundle.
FuseSign integrates with workflow automation tool FuseDocs that integrates directly with many practice and document management systems, and has a roadmap for further integrations.
Allows multiple recipients to sign the same documents. Tracking with the unique email address and phone number provides certainty that means witnessing signatures are redundant.

Virtual Cabinet – Client Portal

Virtual Cabinet’s built-in e-signature technology allows businesses to reduce the number of paper documents produced, routed, and filed, speeding up the process of obtaining approvals and completing business transactions.

Features include:

  • legally binding electronic signatures in keeping with the Australian Electronic
    Transactions Act 1999 and the New Zealand Electronic Transactions Act 2002
  • security – ISO 27001 compliant.
  • audit trails record every interaction the recipient has had with the documents
    in the Portal
  • multiple document signatories
  • customisation of portal to match your companies branding
  • two-way upload – request documents from customers to be returned via the
  • secure messaging to clients within the Portal
  • real-time reporting on all outstanding actions, read status, and disk space
  • notifications when a recipient has signed a file or added a new message
    bulk publish documents for signature or for information.
  • send files up to 250mb.
  • document retraction of items you no longer want the recipient to view, giving
    you complete control over access
  • Verify Signed Document function where documents signed using
    e-signatures can be checked for tampering by uploading it to our website.
A$28 per user, per
month, but scaling
discounts apply
based on user
Access to the Portal website is secured by login details unique to each user account, ensuring that only the intended recipient can read and sign their documents. Documents can be removed from the Portal at any time by the company that sent them. All documents within Virtual Cabinet have strong security policies in place to ensure that company employees can only access the documents that are applicable to their job.
Yes, both as a user and by automated routines, for example, documents being generated and filed automatically from a practice management system.
Yes. Virtual Cabinet integrates with all major accounting and tax production software including APS, CCH, Xero Practice Manager, Digita, Sage, GreatSoft and others.

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