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Choose your own adventure with CA ANZ Learning

Here’s how to access the online professional development you want at your own convenience.

In Brief

  • CAs need to upskill constantly but may find it difficult to squeeze in lessons.
  • CA ANZ has brought together a catalogue of eLearning courses for more flexible learning.
  • Courses on offer are particularly useful as digital technology changes the accountant’s role.

The need to continually upskill and increase your knowledge grows more important as work continues to evolve. But for CAs already balancing work and personal responsibilities, finding the time for professional development may not always seem a priority.

CA ANZ is committed to supporting lifelong learning for all members. It has brought together a catalogue of eLearning courses for flexible learning opportunities.

The courses have been designed to appeal to a broad range of CAs with topics covering finance in a digital world, robotics in finance, professional scepticism and developing and maintaining trusting relationships. They have been designed to appeal to CAs working across multiple disciplines, says Valerie Swalwell CA ANZ general manager CPD.

CAs must complete a certain number of continuing professional development (CPD) hours to maintain their designation, and Swalwell and her team collaborated with CA ANZ members as well as subject matter experts and digital partners to design the courses.

“The combined skills, knowledge and experience of these team members have resulted in incredibly rich and functional learning, which are designed to equip our members to tackle challenges they will face today and into the future,” she says.

Valerie SwalwellPicture: Valerie Swalwell.

Finance and the future

CA ANZ eLearning program Robotics in Finance is designed to give accountants the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the fast-changing finance sector.

By exploring the benefits and challenges of automation, participants gain practical insights and better understand the implications of digital innovation.

Courses such as Trust Makes a Difference and Professional Scepticism help professionals develop the critical business and strategic skills needed to deliver a quality audit and build trusted relationships with their clients.

“We have subject matter experts responsible for both core accounting technical content as well as professional skills-based content,” explains Swalwell.

“These specialists are responsible for keeping their ‘finger on the pulse’ of content within their area. They actively engage with industry experts and members to validate content for relevance and quality before it’s developed into tangible CPD products.”

Learn how you want, when you want

“When you decide to undertake an eLearning module, you’re getting to learn on your own terms,” says Swalwell. “You can fit it in within your schedule and the option to complete over several sessions is available, which allows you the chance to come back to it if and when you need a break.

“It’s very much a ‘choose your own adventure’ style of learning where participants will learn by doing, sometimes failing and then making additional attempts,” she adds. “It’s an effective way to retain knowledge and information.”

“Participants will learn by doing, sometimes failing and then making additional attempts.”
Valerie Swalwell, CA ANZ general manager CPD

Knowledge is a competitive advantage

While work and personal commitments often take priority in a busy life, it’s especially important that finance, business and accounting professionals make the time for professional development.

CA ANZ eLearning is a potent solution for CAs to remain focused and up to date, particularly as digital technology changes the role of the accountant.

PwC’s 2019 Upskilling Hopes & Fears report found that 77% of adults believe the introduction of new technology such as automation will affect their careers and that part of remaining employable is in learning new skills.

CA ANZ recognises the need for accounting, business and finance professionals to upskill and prepare for the future of work. These online courses support them in gaining the skills they need to become trusted business professionals.

New CA ANZ eLearning to explore

Trust makes a difference









Proficiency level: All

Topic: Ethics, Leadership, Personal Effectiveness

CPD: Up to 4 hrs







This program recognises the critical importance of developing and maintaining trusting relationships. It focuses on the “why” behind trust as well as the importance of effective communication, professional skills and courage in building and maintaining trust.









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Robotics in Finance: The Future







Proficiency level: Intermediate, Advanced

Topics: Future of business, Information & Communication Technology, Strategy

CPD: Up to 4 hrs





Disruptive technology is playing a critical role in transforming finance capability. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software that can be easily programmed by end users to perform high-volume, repeatable, rules-based tasks.








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Professional Scepticism








Proficiency level: Intermediate, Advanced

Topics: Auditor liability, Ethics, Leadership, Personal effectiveness

CPD: Up to 2 hrs






This online program will enhance auditors’ ability to apply sceptical thinking on a consistent basis to their audit work. It is a pragmatic, scenario-focused course that provides innovative ways for auditors to grow their skills by challenging their approach to scepticism.








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