Date posted: 12/11/2019 5 min read

CA ANZ members get a LinkedIn Learning advantage

Need to brush up on some non-accounting skills? CA ANZ members can access professional development courses at no cost.

In Brief

  • CA ANZ is providing all members with a complimentary subscription to LinkedIn Learning.
  • This can help keep up to date with new technology and build their ‘soft’ skills.
  • Members can access all LinkedIn Learning courses on mobile devices, and tablets.

As leader of the member engagement team at CA ANZ, it’s my job to ensure members are getting the utmost value and support. One way CA ANZ is delivering on this is by providing all members with a complimentary subscription to LinkedIn Learning, valued at more than A$350 per annum.

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform with more than 7000 courses and 200,000 videos covering a wealth of topics – including leadership, business, creative skills and technology. More than 35 new courses are added each week.

The launch of our LinkedIn Learning offering is a response to member feedback we’ve received consistently over the past two years that chartered accountants want a broader range of educational material that is low cost and readily available. This is part of the solution we’ve come up with.

All CAs are, by virtue of their qualifications, already highly educated and skilled, and the continuing professional development requirements of the designation mean lifelong learning is part of the profession’s culture.

But as the profession evolves, CAs not only need to keep up to date with their technical accounting skills but must also master new technologies as well as building ‘soft skills’ such as presenting and communication.

Combined with CA ANZ’s existing range of courses and events, accessed through the CA Education Store, LinkedIn Learning will cater to the vast and varied learning needs of CAs.

Excel, Power BI and much more

CA ANZ has 125,000 members facing varying challenges in their professional lives. Some are working in public practice, others are working in commerce, some are self-employed and some are in corporate roles. When CA ANZ was looking for an educational partner, we ultimately chose LinkedIn Learning because it caters for many segments of the membership.

A lot of CAs are looking to improve their technological literacy and, to date, three of the most popular LinkedIn Learning courses among CA ANZ members are Excel for Accountants, Power BI Essential Training and Financial Modelling Foundations.

That’s no surprise. Increasingly, CAs need to be able to manipulate large volumes of data into a format that can drive rich, forward-looking conversations with a client – as opposed to just reporting transactions.

Convenient access on the go

Many CA ANZ members like to access education and training while they’re in transit. It could be on a daily commute or while travelling for work. Enabling members to consume educational content when it’s most convenient for them was a big consideration for CA ANZ, and LinkedIn Learning was able to deliver on that front.

All LinkedIn Learning courses are optimised for mobile devices, including iPhone or Android smartphones and tablets, so users aren’t tied to their desktop.

I encourage all members to find a course that is right for them and give it a go.

You can receive credits for completed courses that can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile. To access LinkedIn Learning, login via your My CA account and create a profile.

CA ANZ wants to make it as easy as possible for time-poor members to upskill, so in the future we will be making personalised course recommendations to individual members. To help us get those recommendations right, login to MyCA to check that your areas of interest and preferences are up-to-date.

“CA ANZ wants to make it as easy as possible for time-poor members to upskill, so in the future we will be making personalised course recommendations.”

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