Date posted: 10/05/2022 5 min read

A skills program that democratises data

Data analytics and AI skills can lead to financial benefits, and a new education program from Alteryx helps CAs harness data insights. Brought to you by Alteryx.

Despite 70% of organisations reporting that they want to be more data-driven than they were before the pandemic, 88% still face technology constraints, according to an IDC report sponsored by Alteryx that surveyed 1117 professionals. Additionally, 95% struggle with operational challenges, as business leaders work to build a data-driven culture that enables knowledge workers to question with data.

“Becoming data-driven is an easy sell, but it’s very hard to execute without the right talent with the right skills in place,” says chief advocacy officer at Alteryx, Olivia Duane Adams. She says the small pool of available professionals who can leverage modern data analytics is a major cause of the skills gap experiences by organisations globally.

“Becoming data-driven is an easy sell, but it’s very hard to execute without the right talent in place.”
Olivia Duane Adams, Alteryx

“When everyone shifted to remote work in 2020, leaders realised that while they had data, it wasn’t getting into the hands of their teams quickly enough to keep business flowing as fast as they’d needed,” says Adams.

“We designed the Alteryx platform to democratise data and data analytics, giving access to more employees and helping others to reskill quickly through short courses.”

How Alteryx skills everyone in analytics

Alteryx is the analytics automation company Adams co-founded to enable anyone to answer business questions with data insights. Aside from being an intuitive platform that allows all knowledge workers to leverage business intelligence for vital insights (the platform is no-code and code-friendly), Alteryx also offers its new SparkED education program to academic and individual learning programs in every field of study because data matters.

SparkED provides free education software, teaching materials, and learning paths to deliver data analytics skills. They’re designed for people of all knowledge levels, and the resources aren’t exclusive to traditional accounting or finance businesses.

Today, every industry relies on data insights for continuous improvement, so academic students wanting to add data analytics to their skills that are required in today’s job market, and career changers looking to improve their data literacy, are all encouraged to upskill via the Alteryx SparkED Education Program.

Build it once and harness efficiencies

For those who want to move from education to on-the-job application, Alteryx offers a free trial of its platform so they can quickly see the wide range of efficiencies and other benefits it will bring.

“Think about a report or set of data that you struggle with every month. I want to challenge you to take our 60-day offer and see how you can improve that report over that time,” says Adams.

“If you invest in developing your skills and learn how to build workflows with all the latest innovations, you’ll only have to build them once, unlike spreadsheets where you have to build them every single time. It will change your life at work.”

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