Date posted: 29/05/2023 5 min read

Wellbeing support for the whole family

More Australians are accessing wellness programs through their health insurance to support mental health and reduce stress. Brought to you by HCF.

A growing number of families are taking advantage of health and wellbeing programs available through their private health insurance - but many more are unaware that their health cover may include such entitlements at no cost. The renewed focus on mental health and work/ life balance during the past three years has seen the popularity of schemes designed to support the health of every member of the family. “There are some wonderful benefits available and more and more policy holders are accessing them,” says Linda Opie, Head of Health and Wellbeing at HCF. “So it’s crucial that families know about them and also find about how to find government supported options early in their wellbeing journey.”

Helping kids manage their big feelings

Children can experience all manner of emotional challenges, so some policies include programs such as Calm Kid Central#, an online educational and support program to help kids aged 4-11 learn to act bravely and confidently, behave in positive ways, develop good friendships and manage tough life situations.

“If you notice a spike in your child’s anxiety, there are a few games that Calm Kid Central makes available to help parents de-escalate the situation and build coping strategies,” says Opie. The program also provides parents with confidential access to an experienced child psychologist who answers questions within 48 hours.

Looking after yourself

Worrying about the family’s wellbeing can also take a toll on the parents’ wellbeing, so these initiatives can make an enormous difference. “It’s often a long wait to see a therapist so they enable people to get support quickly,” says Opie. “It’s so important to reach out not just for your child’s support, but for yourself too so that you have the capacity to help your family.”

Building healthy families

HCF offers a range of other programs to support families.

  • Healthy Families for Life: A platform with tools and resources to encourage kids to develop positive nutritional habits for growth and development and reduce the risk of chronic conditions in their future.~
  • GP2U: An online GP service* – to help keep your family’s health in check with fast and easy access to care.
  • Sports Camp Australia: Offering discounted access to school holiday sports camps. “For working parents, having a week-long program at a discounted rate that’s a healthy option for their kids can be invaluable,” Opie says.
  • Free mental wellbeing check-in: To support members with faster, easier access to qualified mental health professionals, eligible members can book a free telehealth HealthyMinds Check-in with a PSYCH2U psychologist for a limited time^.
  • Sleepfit app discount+: “Sleep is a key factor contributing to mental health and weight management,” says Opie. “This app helps identify sleep issues and recommends improvements.” 

Benefits for CA ANZ members

HCF is the health insurance partner of the CA ANZ Member Benefits Program. To find out the exclusive benefits on offer or to get a quote, visit

# Available to HCF members who have hospital or extras cover. Excludes Accident Only Basic cover and Overseas Visitors Health Cover. Visit: ~ Service is available to all HCF members with any HCF health insurance product (excluding Overseas Visitors Health Cover), see * Some members may be eligible for Medicare benefits for a telehealth consultation with GP2U. For all other members with health cover, HCF will pay the GP2U consultation fee for a standard GP consultation (under 20 minutes) for a limited time. See for offer end date. ^ Service is available free to members with hospital and/or extras products until 30 June 2023. Excludes Ambulance Only, Accident Only and Overseas Visitors Health Cover. + Eligible HCF members with hospital or extras cover. Excludes Overseas Visitors Health Cover. The cost is $23.90 for 12 months for HCF members (RRP $29.90).