About Ritchie Djamhur

Ritchie Djamhur is an expert commentator and public speaker on the topics of technology and education, in particular on the intersection of those two industries.

Djamhur has been involved in the consumer electronics industry for two decades, in roles covering purchasing, product management, trade marketing, training and sales management. He currently leads the retail sales team at Bing Lee, an electronics and white goods retail chain in NSW, Australia.  

He hosts a technology-themed weekly radio show on Australian commercial radio channel 2UE called Ritchie’s Room, which delves into the latest developments in products, services and trends in the technology sector. He also maintains a YouTube channel and website under the same name.  

Djamhur recently won an Elearning Mentoring award for contributions to the learning industry in Anaheim, California. He has participated in workshops on learning and innovation for organisations including NATO, NSW TAFE and Griffith University. He is currently working on accessibility projects to increase employer awareness and inclusivity through technology platforms.

More from Djamhur can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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