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Meet John Greig FCA – the CA building a rock ’n’ roll community

John Greig FCA is Queensland managing partner at Deloitte and also a part-owner of a live music venue.

In Brief

  • Queensland Deloitte managing partner John Greig FCA co-owns Brisbane live music venue The Triffid.
  • Greig was brought in as an investor by Powderfinger’s JC and Paul Piticco. They also appreciate his financial expertise.
  • The Triffid won Metro Venue of the Year at the 2019 Queensland Music Awards.

As told to Sally Rose

What happens when an accountant, a rock star and festival promoter go in on a bar? For Deloitte boss John Greig FCA – and his two co-owners in Brisbane’s The Triffid – the answer includes creating jobs for local musos and raising more than A$120,000 to support research and services for pre-term babies. Greig tells us more.

How did you come to be a co-owner of The Triffid?

In 2013, a friend introduced me to John Collins (JC) who’s best known as the bass guitarist from Powderfinger. JC and Paul Piticco – who was Powderfinger’s manager and now promotes the Splendour in the Grass and Falls music festivals – were looking for a backer to help open a new live music venue in Brisbane.

Was it a whole new world for you?

Although I’ve advised hundreds of trading businesses in my time, this was my first experience as an investor in one. As well as capital, I brought expertise around financial hygiene and business planning – the stuff JC and Paul call “boring but important”. My day job is 110% full time, so I have almost nothing to do with the day-to-day running of The Triffid.

The Triffid won Metro Venue of the Year at the 2019 Queensland Music Awards. What has been the secret to success?

We three co-owners have complementary skills and respect each other’s judgement. JC brought the muso’s perspective about the importance of making sure we had great sound and lighting, while Paul knows everything there is about booking bands, ticketing and the like.

And music-loving punters often recognise the faces behind the bar... One of the hardest things for emerging musicians is being able to juggle band practice and gigs while holding down a job. Our vision was for the venue to employ local musos but to be flexible, so they can go on tour and come back to their job.

JC (Powderfinger's John Collins) and John Greig FCA at The Triffid live music venue in Brisbane's NewsteadPicture: JC (Powderfinger's John Collins) and John Greig FCA at The Triffid live music venue in Brisbane's Newstead.

What’s been your favourite band to perform at The Triffid?

So many great nights, but two highlights have been The Predators and The Whitlams.

What’s the first band you saw play live?


Do your two worlds ever collide?

Three years ago we launched BrisBAND, an event where people from the Big Four accounting firms and local businesses can join together to have fun and raise money for a good cause. In 2019, BrisBAND 3 raised A$50,000 for the Perinatal Research Centre in Brisbane – bringing the total amount raised since the event launched in 2017 to A$120,000. The funds support research and initiatives to help babies born early. It’s a cause close to my heart since one of my sons, who is now 26, was born at just 28 weeks.

Are you musical yourself?

My mother was a music teacher so I grew up with an appreciation of all types of music. In my spare time I invariably have a guitar in my hands. I play pretty badly, but it’s my passion! I have played at the Triffid twice, which took me right out of my comfort zone as I am somewhat of an introvert.

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