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Meet a CA | Peter Rupp FCA, Vice-President Australia

2019 CA ANZ Vice-President Australia, Peter Rupp FCA, is striving for more connectivity between CA ANZ’s 121,000 members.

In Brief

  • Peter Rupp FCA is serving a second term as CA ANZ Vice-President Australia in 2019.
  • Rupp is lead partner of the Deloitte Private Audit team in Perth, Western Australia.
  • He says the new My CA platform will be a great way for members to connect with and advise each other.

Peter Rupp FCA is taking on his second stint as CA ANZ’s Vice President Australia in 2019, having first been elected to the position in 2018.

Rupp, a partner at Deloitte in Perth, has worked in the accounting profession for more than 25 years, spending time at Deloitte member offices in New Zealand and the UK as well as in Australia.

He leads the Deloitte Private Audit team, which provides specialist assurance and advisory services, including external audit and internal audit, to a wide range of entities across different industries and reporting frameworks.

Having CAs talking to and supporting each other is something close to Rupp’s heart, and promoting professional connectivity is top of his agenda for 2019.

“The strength of our membership is the power of our collective voice when we work together.”
Peter Rupp FCA

What would you most like to achieve as vice-president?

I’m looking to maintain our overriding theme of ‘professional connectedness’ into 2019. Connectivity with and between our members and their professional body is increasingly important during this period of change. I am particularly interested in new technologies and how we can ensure our younger members are set up to succeed as the business leaders of the future.

Peter Rupp

What has been your proudest achievement as a council member to date?

As the Council representative for Western Australia (prior to my election as VP) I have been proud to see some of the important initiatives out of WA now being embraced nationally – such as the Meet the Leader and the Not-for-Profit Board mentoring programs.

What is one benefit of CA membership you wish more members took advantage of?

The opportunity to connect more widely across the 121,000 members. The strength of our membership is the power of our collective voice when we work together. The new My CA platform will be a significant enabler of this connectivity going forward.

What’s an important issue for the future of the profession?

Technological transformation and how our members can stay relevant in an environment of constant change.

What’s something you’ve learned about how to achieve strategic goals?

You just have to start. This is often the hardest thing when the end goals feel so far away.

When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A chef on a nuclear submarine.

What’s on your summer reading/viewing list?

Past Tense, the latest Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child, and the new Jeffrey Archer release, Heads You Win.

What do you like to do for fun or to unwind?

I like to cook and play the piano.

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