Date posted: 08/03/2019 5 min read

Meet a CA | Lyndal Kimpton FCA, Tasmania Regional Council Chair 2019

A big believer in giving back, Lyndal Kimpton FCA wants to share what she’s gained in becoming a CA.

In Brief

  • Lyndal Kimpton FCA says that while studying accounting isn’t “sexy”, becoming a CA is a pathway to an enduring career and should be encouraged.
  • As 2019 Tasmania Regional Council Chair, Launceston-based Kimpton wants to ensure that Tasmanian members get what they need from CA ANZ and understand the relevance and advantages of membership.
  • Kimpton is a volunteer firefighter with the Blessington fire brigade, and says she sees that same sense of community among Tasmania’s CAs.

Lyndal Kimpton FCA says she’s a farm girl at heart, and when she was growing up she wanted to be a vet. But she went into accounting instead and has no regrets about her career choice.

“I’ve gained a lot in my journey to become a CA and as a regional council member [since 2013], and I feel it’s now time to share some of what I have gained,” she says.

A partner at Ruddicks in Launceston, Kimpton specialises in business services, audit and superannuation. She is a member of the ASIC Regional Liaison Committee for Tasmania, and an independent representative on the Launceston City Council's audit committee.

And although she’s not a vet, Kimpton lives with a crowd of animals – sheep, cows, chooks, cats and dogs – at her Blessington hobby farm.

As president of her local progress association and a volunteer firefighter, she knows how satisfying it is to be involved in the community. And as Tasmanian Regional Council Chair, she wants chartered accountants in Tasmania to feel part of the wider CA ANZ community and to enjoy the benefits that brings.

“Accounting isn’t portrayed as a ‘sexy’ and the number of students electing to undertake accounting degrees is diminishing, so we need to reinforce the benefits and longevity of an accounting career.”
Lyndal Kimpton FCA

What are your top three priorities as regional council chair?

  • Ensuring that all members within Tasmania understand the relevance of their membership and get what they need from CA ANZ, regardless of the sector they work in.
  • Encouraging students to take on degrees that lead them into the accounting arena and showing them the opportunities that can result from being a CA.
  • Engaging with politicians at state and federal level so we become their go-to organisation for assistance and advice, as well as enabling the free flow of thoughts and ideas.

What makes you proud of the CA community in your region?

Lyndal Kimpton FCALyndal Kimpton FCA

It gives opportunities to anyone who wants to put their hands up and be involved. It allows a sense of community for those who want to engage, and it fights to support all the members.

What’s an important priority for the future of your region?

Infrastructure, Tasmania has seen a huge growth in the economy recently and a large increase in tourism. Being the Island State means that getting here can be a challenge, with flights being full, delayed and even cancelled. Traffic congestion is also causing all sorts of issues, both in the state but specifically around Hobart.

What do you think is the most important issue for the future of the profession?

Recruitment. Accounting isn’t portrayed as a “sexy” and the number of students electing to undertake accounting degrees is diminishing, so we need to reinforce the benefits and longevity of an accounting career.

What have you learnt about achieving strategic goals?

I have learnt in life nothing ever goes to plan. I believe that to fail does not make you a failure unless you let it. You need to pick yourself up and try again. When you strive to achieve something, you learn more from the journey to achieving your goal, than from the actual achievement.

When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I love animals of all sorts, so my dream was to be a veterinarian.

What’s on your reading/viewing list?

I am a fan of Lee Child, so I am waiting to read his next instalment in the Jack Reacher novels.

And I never wanted to start watching Game of Thrones, but when I did I binge-watched the first six seasons. So I am now hanging out for next season’s Game of Thrones and also the next instalment of The Handmaid’s Tale.

What do you like to do for fun or to unwind?

I am a farm girl at heart, so I enjoy spending time on our hobby farm.

And what’s your top tip for visitors to Tasmania?

I live in Launceston and my top tips depend on your interests:

  • You can’t go past the Tamar Valley vineyards and a casual winery tour if you are into wine
  • If you are more of a nature lover, then the walks in and around Cradle Mountain [in Tasmania’s Central Highlands] are the place to go
  • If you are after more adventure, then we have some new mountain bike tracks that have opened around the region. I’ve heard they are world class.