Date posted: 28/10/2019 5 min read

Helping regional voices be heard

Benjamin Schierhuber CA’s devoted advocacy for regional members led to him being named 2019 Young CA Regional Advocate, QLD.

In Brief

  • Benjamin Schierhuber CA was recently named the CA ANZ 2019 Young CA Regional Advocate, QLD.
  • Schierhuber is passionate about advocating and community building for regional members.
  • CA ANZ tools such as LinkedIn Learning and My CA have helped build networks with regional members.

By Stuart Ridley

Insolvency specialists aren’t spectres who delight in others’ misfortune, Ben Schierhuber CA insists. He’s committed to helping people navigate complicated situations, such as finding returns in unlikely places or connecting with experts to improve their position.

“As accountants and advisors we need to continue upskilling and building our networks,” Schierhuber says. “The challenge we face is understanding our limitations and when to reach out to someone, because when we collaborate, we all provide better value – and I’ve seen that first-hand in the north Queensland CA community.”

Schierhuber admits the CA accreditation can seem daunting for young candidates, though he says it’s worth the effort and its reputation for rigor contributes to its worldwide standing.

“I help with the CA Study Masterclass in Cairns because there are people who aren’t as fortunate to have the in-house networks as my BDO colleagues and I,” he says. “It is very achievable with the proper support and application.”

His advocacy for regional practitioners also motivates him to work on the Queensland Public Practice Panel, building a community of members who might otherwise feel remote.

“It is rewarding to report back to members that their ideas for accessibility in the regions are being considered by CA ANZ,” he says. “LinkedIn Learning, My CA and webinars all help remove feelings of isolation. As specialisations become prevalent, I’m passionate about building collegial networks. When we were kids, we were exceptional at networking and making new friends – we just have to shelve the ego and build those connections again.”

“I like reporting to members that their ideas for accessibility into the regions are being considered by CA ANZ.”
Benjamin Schierhuber CA, 2019 Young CA Regional Advocate, QLD

Schierhuber was recently named the CA ANZ 2019 Young CA Regional Advocate, QLD. He is one of 12 Young CA Regional Advocates, who are shortlisted for the 2019 President’s Prize, to be announced in late 2019. The prize recognises CA ANZ members under 35 who have made an outstanding commitment to the accounting profession and have used their skills in service of their local community.

Benjamin Schierhuber CABenjamin Schierhuber CA
BDO north Queensland, senior manager, advisory
Age: 31
Other roles:
2019 Young CA Regional Advocate – QLD
Member of the Queensland Public Practice Panel
Member of the Cairns Young Professional Network
Lecturer, guest lecturer and tutor – James Cook University Business School (Feb-July 2018, Feb-July 2019)