Date posted: 17/03/2021 5 min read

Health insurance for busy CAs

HCF is giving members access to mental health services, no matter how straightforward or complex. Brought to you by HCF.

Balancing professional and personal demands can be challenging for accountants at the best of times, but in a year like 2020 you may have found yourself struggling with insomnia, drinking at unhealthy levels, or possibly even suffering from anxiety or depression.

While there’s now less stigma around recognising and addressing mental health issues, getting help can be challenging for time-poor professionals.

“Fortunately, there are now plenty of mental health resources available for those who are struggling,” notes Janice Isaacs, HCF’s health and wellbeing manager.

“Unfortunately, making use of these resources isn’t always straightforward. That’s why, on top of all the usual benefits that you’d expect from a premium health cover policy, HCF also offers easy access to an impressive range of mental health services and tools for eligible CA ANZ members.”

“On top of all the usual benefits that you’d expect from a premium health cover policy, HCF also offers easy access to an impressive range of mental health services and tools for eligible CA ANZ members.”
Janice Isaacs, health and wellbeing manager, HCF

Connecting you with the right mental health service

Finding the right mental health professional can take some time. For CAs with an eligible HCF Corporate policy, HCF can help connect you with a range of mental health services to suit your needs.

Typically, you’d start with a consultation with your own GP to set up a mental health care plan and get a referral to a psychologist. You can then choose to make use of telehealth services, GP2U and PSYCH2U, to get access to psychology services from the comfort of your own home.

If you need further support, the HCF Healthy Minds by PSYCH2U program is available to eligible members who have gold hospital cover for 12 months. This involves speaking with a psychologist and completing an online DASS (Depression Anxiety Stress Scale) survey about your mental health.

Based on your health needs, you will then be referred or placed onto the appropriate pathway, such as by having an appointment with a psychiatrist. Please note that this program will work alongside your available Medicare benefits and you’ll receive additional cover if Medicare entitlements are exhausted or if you’re not eligible for a Medicare rebate.

HCF programs offer wide-ranging support

If you want some help cutting down your alcohol intake or parenting a child who’s currently dealing with big feelings or anxiety, HCF has that covered, too.

“Our members can take advantage of the Daybreak program, which has extra services for HCF members in partnership with Hello Sunday Morning,” explains Isaacs.

“They get access to a coach, a personalised assessment to help them clarify how they want to change their relationship with alcohol, and helpful reading materials.”

HCF’s Calm Kid Central program can also be a game-changer and is available to eligible members who have hospital or extras cover for 12 months.

“There are online courses, video presentations and animations for children (4-11yrs) that teach them coping skills and provide strategies for dealing with negative thoughts and emotions,” says Isaacs.

“If a child psychologist needs to get involved, your child will be able to access a child psychologist digitally, within 24-48 hours.”

If more support is required, parents can access telehealth providers, GP2U or PSYCH2U, where a mental health care plan will already be set up for their child, to consult with a child psychologist.

HCF’s mental health programs offer a stepped care solution, giving members access to support and advice for their mental health journey with a range of providers.

If you’re suffering from anxiety or depression, or want to learn about managing your thinking patterns and moods more effectively, see the full range of programs and services at, or if you need to speak to someone now, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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