Date posted: 09/03/2022 5 min read

HCF upgrades care benefits for CAs

The pandemic has put health at the forefront of everyone’s mind. HCF offers diverse coverage and easy access to your test results and health data. Brought to you by HCF.

HCF is all about providing a “continuum of care” to its members from early onset through to managing chronic conditions across their health journey. As well as being there when members need it most, the health fund focuses on helping members identify risk factors that increase their chance of developing chronic disease (such as cardiovascular disease) and supports them to navigate the health pathway most suitable for them.

Providing mental health support to members has been a big focus for HCF over the past 18 months. It’s acutely aware of the effects on mental health that COVID-19 and lockdowns have had on members.

Depending on their level of cover, eligible HCF members can have faster and easier access to telehealth services and digital support and can be directed to appropriate mental health professionals when they need them.

HCF also provides eligible members^ who are parents of children aged four to 11 free access to Calm Kid Central, an online educational and support program to help kids in this age bracket. 

Bringing The COACH Program® in-house

In the health and wellbeing space, HCF is always considering new programs it can develop and how it can improve existing programs for the greater benefit of members. To this end, it recently brought The COACH Program®, available to eligible members~, in house to be delivered by HCF’s highly trained health professionals of dietitians, pharmacists and nurses.

The COACH Program® is targeting members with cardiovascular conditions. It was rated by the 2018 UK International CVD Prevention Case Study Report to be the most evidence-based cardiovascular disease prevention program in the world on clinical and cost effectiveness against 118 other programs.

The COACH Program® is available to eligible CA ANZ members for free via HCF’s corporate CA ANZ member benefits program.

“We are delighted to bring the evidence-based, COACH Program in house. Our Health Concierge clinical team will be delivering the program and supporting our members with their treatment plans as set out by their GP,” says Linda Opie, HCF Head of Health and Wellbeing.

“We look forward to continue to support our members on their journey to better health.”

A Snug fit

HCF has also recently added some new updates to its program with Australian digital health app Snug*.

Snug collects individuals’ health data from smart devices and can now integrate with the federal government’s My Health Record, providing HCF members with a one-stop health shop. Members can quickly access test results and navigate other related health documents on the platform.

“It’s easy to access and have your health details in the palm of your hand,” Opie says.

Linking My Health Record to Snug is optional for members but HCF reports a strong uptake, potentially due to an increased interest in health and health-related data because of COVID-19.

Snug has also enhanced its Health Risk Assessment, called the ‘Snug check-in’, which can help members identify early signs of chronic diseases. In response to their input in the check-in questionnaire, HCF members will be referred to the relevant HCF health and wellbeing resources and programs. 

Find out more:

As an Australian based CA ANZ member, you can access a great range of additional benefits when you join HCF as a corporate member. Find out more.

^All HCF members with a child aged between 4 and 11 years old on their policy may be eligible to access Calm Kid Central at no cost. Excluded on Accident Only Basic cover and Overseas Visitors Health cover.
~Must have hospital cover at least 12 months that includes heart conditions and vascular system (excluding Accident Only Basic Cover and Overseas Visitors Health Cover).
*All HCF members above the age of 14, who hold any HCF health insurance product (excluding Overseas Visitors Health Cover) are eligible for access to a customised Snug app at no cost until 30 June 2022 and then standard charges will apply.

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