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HCF lets CAs get cosy with health app Snug

HCF has taken its corporate health cover for CAs to the next level, adding a Snug Health partnership. Brought to you by HCF.

With the pace of life and business never busier for chartered accountants across Australia and New Zealand, it’s more important than ever to stay proactive on health and wellness. It’s one reason not-for-profit health fund HCF supports the accounting profession with corporate cover tailored for corporate needs.

Via HCF’s corporate CA member benefits program, accountants can take advantage of a 4% discount on corporate products with more benefits and added value compared to standard HCF cover. In addition, CAs can claim immediately on selected extras for general and major dental, with the usual two-month waiting periods waived^.

CAs also get 100% back on popular extras services including dental, optical, physio, chiropracty and podiatry at providers in our network~, and eligible members have access to health and wellbeing programs such as weight management programs and gym memberships that form part of a health management plan^^.

“A lot of accountants know HCF as a health fund that they can claim from, but we’re also a place for CAs to go to for a holistic approach to their health,” explains HCF Health and Wellbeing manager Janice Isaacs. She adds that for every dollar HCF members have paid in premiums, HCF has paid out more benefits than the industry average over the past five years.#

“We’re also a place for CAs to go to for a holistic approach to their health.”
Janice Isaacs, HCF Health and Wellbeing manager

A new partnership

HCF lets CAs get cosy with health app Snug 

Now, HCF is taking its support for CAs one step further, launching a program in conjunction with Australian digital health app Snug.

Snug is designed to improve the health of its users by promoting healthy living and disease management. The app can collect health data from devices such as smartphones and fitness watches, assist with interaction with health professionals and manage health events and appointments**. Users also have the option to add family members on the app to create a “circle of care” for loved ones.

For CAs with HCF, the Snug app includes extra functionality such as an interactive chatbot that delivers helpful, easy to access health information to users. By interacting with the chatbot, CAs can take part in a “health risk assessment” that covers the four pillars of fatigue, lifestyle, physical and mental health**.

“Based on how a member scores on the assessment, the app then refers the member to relevant HCF health and wellbeing programs and HCF resources,” Isaacs explains.

“It’s another way of bringing attention to our CA members about what programs are available to them to support the totality of their health and wellbeing.”

^ Waiver does not apply to waiting periods of more than 6 months, including 12 months for pregnancy and birth-related services, pre-existing ailments and conditions. Psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care services, which have a 2 month waiting period, are also excluded from this waiver offer. Longer waiting periods and conditions may apply.

~ 100% back from providers in our network is available on some/selected covers. Waiting periods and annual limits apply.

^^ Before you start any program, check you’re on eligible cover and the provider of the program is recognised by us. If you’re unsure, call 13 13 34 or visit a branch. To claim for a Health Management Program you’ll need to submit a claim form and provide supporting documents. Unless otherwise stated, all programs have a 2 month waiting period and depend on cover eligibility and annual limits.

# 90% compared to 86% across the industry. Calculated based on the average of the past 5 years, sourced from APRA Statistics: Private Health Insurance Operations Report 2016-20, June 2020.

** This is not intended for medical emergency situations. This is not a diagnostic service and does not replace a consultation with a health professional.

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