About Anthony OBrien

Anthony O'Brien is a principal of corporate marketing and communications firm Corpwrite.

He is presently the small business writer for Money magazine and has contributed regularly to a range of other publications including Acuity, The Australian Worker, Jetstar Magazine, Australian Way, Professional Planner and The Bulletin.

Anthony also worked as a reporter with Australian regional broadcaster NBN on its nightly television news service.

He is a published author, working with leading Australian finance commentator Paul Clitheroe AM, chairman of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board, to co-author Make your Fortune by 40 (Viking 2001) and Road to Wealth (Viking 2000).

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  1. Cartels and the misuse of market power

    New Zealand and Australia take different approaches to the criminality of cartels and the abuse of market power...

  2. Are entrepreneurs born or bred?

    Are you born an entrepreneur, or is it something anyone can learn, given the right education, experience and mentoring?...

  3. Work-life-study balance

    Becoming a chartered accountant through the postgraduate Chartered Accountants Program has never been a walk in the park, but help will soon be at hand for candidates who are struggling...

  4. Changing accountants – how to make the switch seamless

    If a client decides to shift accounting firms, both the new and old accountant must make the switch as efficiently and ethically as possible...

  5. How to avoid complaints

    Some simple steps can prevent the stress, and professional fallout, of having a complaint levelled against you...

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  6. FCA kicks finance goals to rescue AFL club

    His career has taken him all over the world but his passion for footy has led Stephen Dawes FCA into the world of elite sport to play his part in saving a much-loved Adelaide team...

  7. Forensic accounting – an adrenaline career path

    Dawna Wright CA explains how the Forensic Accounting specialisation can drive exciting career possibilities...

  8. Keeping it confidential

    CAs are bound by a strict code of confidentiality, which has changed with the introduction of NOCLAR rules. CA ANZ professional conduct leaders Rebecca Stickney and Kate Dixon offer some tips on...

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  9. Financial advice standards: the next hurdle

    Proposed new educational standards for financial advisers risk forcing some older advisers out of the industry...

  10. Kicking goals at the Roosters: Mark Bouris

    In the lead-up to the rugby league grand final, celebrity businessman and TV host Mark Bouris FCA tells Acuity why he loves the Sydney Roosters and how his role on the board will help the club survive...

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