Date posted: 30/09/2022 5 min read

October/November ‘Acuity’ out now

The October/November issue of ‘Acuity’ magazine is out now packed with content for chartered accountants working across industry, practice and enterprise.

In Brief

  • 'Acuity' October-November 2022 magazine is in letterboxes now.
  • Read how an accountant and liquidator saved a struggling commercial design business.
  • Did you know, the type of leader you are plays a part in team performance. What’s your leadership style?

By Carey Swan

As we know, many businesses suffered during the past few years as COVID-19 and associated lockdowns took a toll. In the latest issue of Acuity, Cameron Cooper looks into what happened to a thriving experiential design studio when travel bans and continued lockdowns wreaked havoc on its business model. Accredited specialists were called in and their expert advice saved the operation from cash flow stress. But it wouldn't have happened without the help of a chartered accountant.

“The quicker you harness the expertise of a liquidator, the more chance there is of a positive outcome – and you get to keep the client.”
Jill Lawrence CA ANZ

How leaders inspire their teams is a crucial aspect of management. We talk with leadership executives from firms of different sizes who share their advice and experiences for leading the pack. Is leadership style innate, or can it be learnt?

Plus, our tech guide looks at the practice management software platforms available for firms. With a range of products on offer designed to improve efficiencies and maintain compliance, one common theme among them is the reduction of manual tasks, freeing up accountants to concentrate on more complicated jobs.

And don’t miss our profile on Airtasker co-founder Tim Fung. Founded more than a decade ago, the business is now valued at A$255 million. Acuity sits down with the Sydneysider to hear the concept behind the local services platform and his thoughts on employee wellbeing.

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