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June-July 2020 issue of Acuity magazine is out now

COVID-19 is shaking economies across the globe, and Acuity’s latest issue explores getting to the other side.

In Brief

  • The June-July 2020 issue of Acuity will be in letterboxes from 1 June.
  • It includes a special section on getting to the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic: what will change and what needs to change.
  • There are also interviews with the audit disruptor Sir Donald Brydon and outgoing Global Accounting Alliance CEO Stephen Harrison AO FCA.

While not typical frontline workers dealing with the health impact of the pandemic, chartered accountants have been front and centre during this crisis. Whether advising clients on business closures, helping them navigate government wage subsidies and tax concerns – or helping businesses avoid insolvency, CAs have had a vital role to play.

Our 15-page COVID-19 special in the June-July issue of Acuity looks at what past crises have taught us and asks economists to predict the months ahead.

We also speak to chartered accountants about how they’re coping with client anxiety – and their own. As Lisel Montague FCA reveals: “You can’t just switch off in this situation. My clients have been with us for years and you develop such a trusted relationship with them.”

Travel restrictions during the pandemic meant that Sir Donald Brydon, who headed the landmark inquiry into the UK’s audit sector, couldn’t get to Australia in March to speak at a CA ANZ Sharing Knowledge event as planned. So instead, Acuity interviewed him in London.

While Brydon says the pandemic is the worst threat to the economy he has ever lived through, he’s not bowed.

“Business goes on, so we must not talk ourselves into a total depression,” he says. “We must take this seriously but also see this as an opportunity to improve ourselves and the way we work. Set some goals, do some online study, and aim to come out of this knowing more and being able to do more than you did before.”

“Aim to come out of this knowing more and being able to do more than you did before.”
Sir Donald Brydon

That’s good advice not only for chartered accountants, but for everyone.

Also in June-July 2020 Acuity

The June-July issue also has an interview with Stephen Harrison AO FCA, the former chief executive of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, who was instrumental in establishing the Global Accounting Alliance. There’s a deep dive into the introduction of consumer data right and open banking in Australia and, soon, New Zealand. And our tech guide looks at choosing online payment options, a proven way to get invoices paid faster – something we all need in the current climate.

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