Date posted: 30/01/2023 5 min read

February/March ‘Acuity’ out now

The February/March issue of ‘Acuity’ magazine is out now, packed with content for chartered accountants working across industry, practice and enterprise.

In Brief

  • 'Acuity' February/March 2023 magazine is in letterboxes now.
  • Discover how three companies attract, retain and engage their workforces.
  • Our cloud accounting app tech guide reveals the most and least popular accounting apps.

By Carey Swan

Welcome back, and what better way to kickstart the new year than with a fresh mix of insights, big ideas and practical advice from Acuity magazine?

This year, we welcome Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s new president, Murray Harrington FCA. The New Zealander holds a number of directorships and governance roles, and served as CA ANZ vice president for two years. Read about his plans for the year, and the value he places on an empathetic ear and members’ interests.

Meanwhile, the problem of attracting and retaining quality staff shows no sign of abating. Employees are no longer content with high salaries: ongoing job satisfaction hinges on a range of benefits, as well as how the company vision aligns with an employee’s personal principles. Discover what three companies offer to ensure their staff are fulfilled in day-to-day operations and feel confident in their future career path in the business.

Sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) also remain top-of-agenda issues for accountants and other business leaders. Acuity magazine sits down with ex-MYOB CEO Tim Reed, now managing director of private equity investor Potentia Capital. The company invests in technologies that help organisations reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs, and Reed shares his thoughts on how business needs to shift its view on sustainability.

“You’ve got to remain contemporary, you’ve got to continually be pushing your own boundaries.”
Tim Reed, Potentia Capital

Tech can be a valuable tool in achieving ESG goals, and this edition’s tech guide tracks the popularity of cloud accounting apps. Based on a survey of 1300 Australian firms, you’ll find out which apps have enjoyed an increase in usage and which have not.

Read these stories and many more in the current issue of Acuity.