Date posted: 01/08/2021 5 min read

Aug-Sep 2021 issue of Acuity magazine is out now

Celebrate inspiring young CAs in Acuity’s latest issue, boost your resilience and choose the right payroll for your business.

In Brief

  • The Aug-Sep 2021 issue of Acuity is in letterboxes from 1 August.
  • It celebrates young CAs on the rise, with Acuity’s Future Leaders and CA ANZ Young Regional Members.
  • Other features explore how broad cultural trends are affecting the way we do business, and choosing the right payroll software.

Have community and empathy ever been more important? This issue of Acuity lands as Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is in the middle of an extended lockdown due to the highly infectious Delta strain of the coronavirus, and Melbourne and Adelaide are just cautiously opening up.

Businesses are, again, looking to their accountants to help them access disaster payments. The resilience of people and organisations is, again, being put under stress. (If you have clients in NSW, check out this article for what help is currently available.)

Being adaptable and kind will be the way to get through the sharp shocks of the pandemic. A bit of optimism, innovation and courage won’t go astray either.

And they’re exactly the traits you’ll find in Acuity’s Future Leaders in this issue. These 15 young CAs, aged 35 and under, are making their mark in the profession and community. We also celebrate CA ANZ’s Young Regional Members, 15 young CAs who have been selected by CA ANZ Regional Managers and local committees as individuals that use their accounting skills to really assist people around them.

As Future Leader judge Ryan Hanson CA wrote, “It’s fantastic to see the incredible things these young CAs are doing within their respective communities right around the world. It’s really inspiring.”

It’s certainly an uplifting read.

Also in this issue

Other informative articles in this issue include:

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