Date posted: 27/03/2024 5 min read

April/May ‘Acuity’ out now

The April/May 2024 edition of 'Acuity' magazine is in letterboxes and online now.

The April/May 2024 edition of Acuity magazine is in letterboxes and online now.

Our cover story features social media sensation Natalie Lennon CA, known as the 'queen of TikTok' in accounting circles. She started using the platform during lockdown to explain topics such as JobKeeper payments, and has amassed a following of 25,000 – with some of her posts getting more than 500,000 views.

Also in this issue, we talk to four CAs from Australia and New Zealand who moved to New York to join the standards setters shaping professional accounting.

We ask experts what they think will happen with the changing global free-trade landscape and consider what's next for bitcoin, as ETFs launch in the US. Plus, we explore whether gen Z deserves its bad press and find out how managers can get the best out of this ambitious, tech-savvy cohort.

Read all this and more in the April/May issue of Acuity.