Date posted: 28/01/2022 5 min read

Acuity Feb 22 issue is out now

With 2022 tipped as the year we finally exit the pandemic (fingers crossed), Acuity explores how CAs can build back better.

In Brief

  • Acuity Feb-Mar 2022 issue is in letterboxes now.
  • Features look at the opportunities and challenges for CAs in 2022 as business rebuilds.
  • Other articles delve into sustainability reporting and how accounting can help catch wildlife smugglers.
By Jo McKinnon

Recovery… are we there yet? Well, not quite. As our February issue comes out, COVID’s Omicron variant is being a party pooper. NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern even had to cancel her wedding.

But although the light at the end of the tunnel may seem farther away, there is optimism that, this year, things will improve, even if masks stay around longer than we’d like.

Recovery and building back better is a focus in our latest issue. We canvass the views of senior chartered accountants on where the risks and opportunities lie for CAs in the coming year.

And if, like many, you did some life re-evaluation in lockdown and are ready for a new direction, take a look at “How to build a CA practice from scratch”. Acuity gathered tips from four chartered accountants about what works and what doesn’t when striking out on your own.

While your practice may not include a whisky bar, as Andrew Van De Beek FCA’s new Illumin8 office in Mornington will (he’s on the cover of our Australia edition), he emphasises that business dreams do not have to conform to stereotypes.

“You can still achieve your goals by thinking outside the box,” he says.

New horizons for a CA designation

Thinking outside the box is a career credo for Kate Boorer FCA, CA ANZ President for 2022. She is determined to showcase CA ANZ members’ diverse experiences to promote the many benefits of the profession.

“I really want to showcase the diversity of the career opportunities and possibilities that are available to people, to everyone who comes into the profession – whether you start as a graduate or transition midway through your career,” she says. “It’s a career that can truly take you anywhere.”

“It’s a career that can truly take you anywhere.”
Kate Boorer FCA

Forensic accountant Amanda Gore CA is a case in point. As CEO of the Centre for Global Advancement (C4GA), she investigates the financial side of environmental crimes. On a typical day she could be in the office going through financial statements. She could also be driving around Namibia interviewing customs officials about illegally logged wood. You’ll find out more about her important work in “Accounting on the wild side”.

Sustainability reporting grows up

Environmental concerns have become prominent in recent years, and as stakeholders demand better reporting on ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues, it’s accountants who will be handling this expanding area.

In “The start of a sustainability reporting revolution”, Tom Ravlic surveys the creation of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), a body that will champion reporting on non-financial matters. Its first key project will be, you guessed it, climate reporting. 

While London will remain the hub of activity on sustainability reporting, the work of the ISSB is being actively monitored by standard setters in Australia and New Zealand.

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