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Committed to helping CAs make great decisions

Aon is committed to arranging insurance specifically customised to the evolving needs of CAs. Brought to you by Aon.

Chartered accountants are used to working with numbers. After all, it’s what their specialist training prepares them for. While keeping balance sheets in check is undoubtedly the main game, accounting professionals also need to make sure their businesses are well protected against common risks.

That’s where Aon’s insurance solutions come in.

Aon client director Richard Silberman says Aon is committed to helping CAs make great decisions about risk and insurance, with the broker taking pride in its role as a trusted adviser to CAs across Australia.

“Insurance is not just about compliance; it’s about covering your business so you can keep on doing what you do – keep running your business, keep helping your clients, keep employing staff and keep contributing to the economy,” Silberman says.

“For CAs across the country, Aon is much more than an insurance purchase. We can be a long-term risk partner to you, your business and the accounting sector.”

Richard Silberman, Aon client directorPicture: Richard Silberman, Aon client director.

Experts in CA insurance

As experts in the field, Aon has a range of solutions created with chartered accountants specifically in mind, Silberman says. These products are targeted at professional risk including professional indemnity, business insurance, cyber insurance, management liability and more.

“We help you to understand how your policy protects against the common risks as a chartered accountant. Our role isn’t to simply affirm what you already know, it’s to show you what you don’t and how to deal with it,” he says.

“With Aon, you don’t just get insurance, you get risk advice, claims support, resources and access to our team of chartered accountant insurance specialists.”

Assisting good global citizenship

Aon’s exceptional offering is part of the value-added services that CAs can expect from the specialist broker that has a long history of supporting the industry, says Silberman.

He adds that Aon is proud to have been in alliance with CA ANZ since 2015 as part of the broker’s continued mission to help CAs be the best global citizens possible.

That’s why, he says, Aon closely focuses on working with CAs every step of the way through the often complicated field of business insurance to ensure the utmost confidence for accountants.

“CAs have a role as good global citizens to uphold ethics and they know that every decision has consequences. Here at Aon, we want to help CAs make the best decisions possible around risk and insurance,” Silberman says.

“Just as CAs are trusted advisers to their clients, at Aon we are trusted advisers to CAs on their insurance risks.”

“Just as CAs are trusted advisers to their clients, at Aon we are trusted advisers to CAs on their insurance risks.”
Richard Silberman, Aon

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