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Worried about a potential claim? This legal advice helpline can assist

Aon clients in Australia can access legal advice to help with professional indemnity claims. Brought to you by Aon Australia.

For many chartered accountants, coming face-to-face with an actual or potential professional indemnity (PI) claim can be a particularly stressful experience.

While it may be unlikely, if and when such an incident does occur it’s sensible to have the right tools on hand. This includes, critically, having legal options at your fingertips that won’t break the bank.

Lisa Carbone, senior client executive at Aon, says it’s in these circumstances that CGU’s legal advice helpline can be of great assistance to CAs.

CGU has a panel of experienced insurance law firms with offices that can service every state and territory, and people at the end of the line to take questions and provide in-depth answers and solutions.

Complimentary expert legal advice

Practitioners with PI policies arranged by Aon can access a total of two hours’ complimentary legal advice on matters relating to the risk insured by the policy, helping to provide comfort and clarity in circumstances when a claim may need to be made. The legal advice is limited to one hour per claim in relation to a matter and a maximum of two hours per policy period.

It’s simply a matter of ringing the helpline and letting the lawyers advise on the best course of action to take. “When it comes to legal matters, such as a potential professional indemnity claim, getting legal advice from an expert is crucial,” says Carbone.

“With this service, chartered accountants can talk to a team of lawyers to receive expert advice that’s relevant to the services they provide to their clients. This is a service that is completely complimentary for our CA clients, so feel free to reach out and make use of it in relation to any matter related to the risk insured by the policy.”

Providing clarity on potential claims

A big plus of the helpline, Carbone says, is that it connects practitioners not just with legal generalists but lawyers who have extensive accounting-sector knowledge.

Solicitors on the other end of the line are well placed to provide CAs with clarity on specific situations in accounting so that practical and timely decisions can be made, she says. This includes providing advice on how your policy works and how to mitigate a potential claim.

“The helpline enables CAs to call for legal advice, without an appointment, to discuss a situation they’re facing in order to work out how to resolve the matter,” says Carbone. “There doesn’t have to be a formal claim to seek advice, with many calls made yearly from CAs focused on potential claims and how to stop them reaching formal claim stage.”

Lisa Carbone, senior client executive at AonPicture: Lisa Carbone, senior client executive at Aon.

“The helpline enables CAs to call for legal advice, without an appointment, to discuss a situation they’re facing in order to work out how to resolve the matter.”
Lisa Carbone, Aon Australia

Help when claims become stressful

In addition to practical advice, the helpline can also help CAs deal with the stress of an actual or looming PI claim.

On this front, it can be a big support to have a legal expert on the other end of the line who knows what questions to ask in order to get to the heart of the matter. The lawyer will ask the appropriate questions, establish the background circumstances to the matter and provide advice that’s based on your individual circumstances, current law, and the extent of the coverage available under your policy.”

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