Date posted: 08/01/2018 4 min read

Success as a start-up owner

Cam Nguyen, CA, owner of Encountr Accounting & Tax talks about starting her own business, what sets CAs apart from the rest and why communication is a key for success.

In Brief

  • Cam Nguyen started up a business within a week of leaving her job.
  • Great advice from a CA positively impacts people’s lives.
  • Being a business owner can give back work-life balance.

How did you came to start your own business?

I started my accounting career more than seven years ago with a start-up firm. I worked with high net worth individuals, and small-to-medium businesses of varying industries.

Tell us about your role.

My responsibilities are really about creating and refining the vision, setting the goals, setting the plans, and determine how I think Encountr should perform short term and long term. I pretty much do everything from client management to bookkeeping, tax returns for the advisory and also being the business owner.

What does the start of a typical day look like for you?

Today for example, I have a number of meetings where I’ll actually go offsite to my clients’ office and work with the bookkeeper to work with their client on a number of projects. A typical project might be assisting them with their accounting software or teaching them how to raise their financials. I also have a casual staff member who works with me two days a week, so if he’s here I’ll also be sitting down with him, just reviewing the work that he does, answering any questions he may have. If I’m not working with clients, I’m working on a business plan or basically the future of Encountr.

(Pictured: Cam Nguyen)

Does being a CA help you in your current role as a business owner?

Yes, absolutely. There’s just so much that you don’t get told about running your own business but having that experience as a CA you already know.

What do you think are the most rewarding aspects of your role?

If I give really great advice and it frees up my clients’ time to be out of the business and to spend more time at home, then that makes me proud of what I do.

I’m really proud to be a CA. It’s the level of education and integrity that’s involved in being a CA.
Cam Nguyen Founder of Encountr Accounting & Tax

What do you think sets Chartered Accountants apart from other accounting professionals?

I’m really proud to be a CA. It’s the level of education and integrity that’s involved in being a CA.

Why did you choose to become a Chartered Accountant?

I’ve always loved business, seeing people build things from the ground up and I’ve always loved being involved in that process.

If you hadn’t become a CA, what do you think you would have done instead?

I think as a child I was really interested in fashion modelling. If it wasn’t that, then something to do with business anyway, so definitely still would have been in that field.  

If you could work anywhere overseas what country/city would it be and why?

New York City. I love the hustle and bustle.

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