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Gain skills and future-proof your career

Top universities offer a range of intensive executive education options that can plug knowledge and skills gaps. Here is a selection to consider for 2019.


Melbourne Business School

  Duration (days) Fee 
Women in leadership program  6  A$8,500
Leading for organisational impact  5  A$11,700
New leaders development program  5  A$8,700
Develop strategic thinking and action  5  A$9,300
Leading transformational change  5  A$10,700
Future thinking and strategy development  4  A$8,400
Maximising your leadership potential  3  A$6,000
Decision-making for leaders  2  A$3,050
Resilient leadership  2  A$3,050
Strategic awareness & business acumen  2  A$3,050
Strategic HR leadership  2  A$3,050
Design thinking for managers  2  A$3,050
Managing and leading change  2  A$3,050

UNSW Business School /Australian Graduate School of Management

   Duration (days)  Fee
Women in leadership  6  A$9,350
General manager program  5  A$14,300
Essentials of finance for non-finance managers  3  A$4,785
Shaping strategy to create value  3  A$5,445
Strategic and adaptive leadership  3  A$4,785
Developing effective negotiation and influencing skills  2  A$3,575
Commercial management  2  A$3,575
Leading from within  2  A$3,575
Harnessing innovation for growth  2  A$3,575
Developing the strategic manager  2  A$3,575
Leading change with impact  2  A$3,575
Leading through influence  1  A$1,925

University of Sydney Business School

   Duration (days)    Fee
Build your confidence, self-esteem and resilience: tools from positive psychology  2  A$526
Business strategy: how to become a purpose-led organisation  2  A$459.85
Getting what you want: assertive communication skills  2  A$748
Managing difficult conversations and underperformance  2  A$477
Managing workplace psychopaths (two evenings)  2  A$376
People management: essentials  2  A$943
Advanced leadership and practical management  1  A$537
Communication strategies for becoming an inspiring leader  1  A$537
Mentoring skills for leaders  1  A$475
Team leadership for innovation  1  A$414.80
Team managers and leaders: essential skills  1  A$537
Women in leadership  1  A$477
Assertive communication and conversation skills: practical training  1  A$477
Building positive work relationships  1  A$477
Communication strategies for becoming an inspiring leader  1  A$537
Interpersonal skills and effective communication  1  A$477
Negotiation skills for professionals  1  A$496
Critical and creative thinking  1  A$477
Design and innovation thinking  1  A$477
Lean Six Sigma: improve productivity  1  A$537
Listen and speak under pressure  1  A$537
Managing workplace psychopaths (full day)  1  A$376
Presentation skills: plan and deliver memorable presentations  1  A$537

UQ Business School

   Duration (days)  Fee 
 Leadership for executive women  4  A$5,273
 Learning to lead  4  A$1,850
 Design strategy for results  4  A$1,850

University of Western Australia Business School

  Duration (days)    Fee 
Authentic leadership  6  A$9,495
The co-operatives and mutuals strategic development program  5  A$5,720
Advanced negotiation in practice  5  A$5,720
Strategy: from principles to practice  3  A$3,520
Scenario planning and the art of strategic conversation  2  A$4,995

Monash University

  Duration (days)   Fee  
Your leadership voice (women in focus)  2  A$9,995
Your leadership voice (intensive)
 6  A$9,495
Executive prescence for senior leaders  2  A$4,995
Advanced negotiation skills  2  A$3,995


University of Auckland Business School

   Duration (days)    Fee  
Business writing skills  2  NZ$2,095
Change management  2  NZ$2,095
Communicating confidently through assertiveness  2  NZ$2,095
Effective communication skills  2  NZ$2,095
Leading through influence  2  NZ$2,095
Learning resilience and optimism  2  NZ$2,095
Presentation skills   2  NZ$2,095
Emotional intelligence – engaged leadership  2  NZ$2,095
Governance for success  2  NZ$2,295
Leadership that motivates high performance  2  NZ$2,095
Advanced management  2  NZ$2,095
Creating and leading highly effective teams  2  NZ$2,095
Employment law for managers  2  NZ$2,095
Influencing and persuading skills  2  NZ$2,095
Managing and motivating people  2  NZ$2,095
Critical thinking in the age of disruption  2  NZ$2,095
Implementation of strategy  2  NZ$2,095
Innovative thinking for continuous improvement  2  NZ$2,195
Service design thinking  2  NZ$2,095
Strategic management – strategy to implementation  2  NZ$2,095
Strategic planning for executives: an agile approach  2  NZ$2,095
Managing yourself for success  1  NZ$1,195
Media skills masterclass  1  NZ$1,195
Building a great team culture  1  NZ$1,195
Dealing with difficult personalities  1  NZ$1,195

Victoria University of Wellington

  Duration (days)  Fee   
Design thinking masterclass: art of gaining customer empathy   2  NZ$1,600
Negotiation skills essential  2  NZ$1,395
Discover your leadership style  1  NZ$895
Hard to have conversations  1  NZ$695
Mental health awareness workshop  1  NZ$795
Strategic thinking, planning and management  1  NZ$795
Understanding and managing unconscious bias  1  NZ$595


INSEAD Singapore

  Duration (days)   Fee
The leadership transition  5 €11,000
High-impact leadership program  5 €8,950
Value creation for owners and directors  5 S$13,950
International management in Asia Pacific  5 S$13,900
Women leaders program  4 €7,950
Learning to lead  3 S$7,200
Leading successful change  3 S$9,000
Negotiation dynamics  3 S$11,200

The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania)

  Duration (days)  Fee 
Becoming a leader of leaders: pathways for success  6 US$10,950
Business essentials for executives  6  US$10,950
Effective execution of organisational strategy  5  US$10,950
Executive negotiation workshop: negotiate with confidence  5  US$11,500
Business model innovation in the digital age  5 US$10,950 
Creating and leading high-performing teams  5  US$10,950
Women's executive leadership: business strategies for success  5 US$10,950
Global strategic leadership  4 US$9,100
Innovation for growth: strategies for creating value  4 US$9,100

London Business School

  Duration (days)  Fee  
Executing strategy for results  5 £8,500
Human resource strategy in transforming organisations  5 £8,500
Decision making strategies for leaders  5 £8,100
Leading businesses into the future  5 £11,900 
Women in leadership  4 £10,500

Harvard Business School

  Duration (days)  Fee   
Authentic leader development   6 US$15,500
Driving corporate performance: aligning scorecards and structure for strategy execution  6 US$13,000
Leading and building a culture of innovation  6 US$15,500
Strategic negotiations: deal making for the long term  6 US$13,000
Changing the game: negotiation and competitive decision making  6 US$13,000
Behavioural economics: understanding and shaping customer and employee behaviour  6 US$13,000
Strategy: building and sustaining competitive advantage  6 US$15,500
Leadership for senior executives  5 US$12,500
The women's leadership forum: innovating strategies for a changing world  5 US$12,500
Transforming customer experiences  4 US$10,000
Managing the future of work  4 US$10,000

Stanford Graduate School of Business

   Duration (days)  Fee   
Executive program for growing companies  2 weeks  US$25,000
Stanford executive program: be a leader who matters  2 weeks  US$73,000
Leading change and organisational renewal  6  US$15,500
Managing teams for innovation and success  6  US$12,600
Executive program in women's leadership  6  US$13,500
Influence and negotiation strategies program  6  US$12,600
Design thinking bootcamp: from insights to innovation  4  US$12,600

China Europe International Business School

Duration (days)  Fee 
Women in leadership programme  4  RMB37,800
High performance and sustainable leadership   3  RMB34,800
Developing a strategic mindset  3  RMB30,800
Strategic negotiation programme  3  RMB29,800
Game theory in practice: how to compete and cooperate more effectively  3  RMB31,800
New perspectives of strategy in an ever changing world  2  RMB24,800
Strategic thinking on executive performance management   2  RMB21,800

The University of Chicago Booth School

  Duration (days) Fee  
High performance leadership  5  US$10,950
Leading organisational change   5  US$10,950
Negotiation and decision making strategies  5  US$10,950
Strategic business leadership: engagement, performance and execution  5  US$10,950
Essentials of executive leadership: the psychology of management   5  US$10,950
Leading high-performance organisations  2  US$3,800
Negotiations: strategies and processes for impactful outcomes   2  US$3,800


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