Date posted: 04/10/2016


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Do keep up the wide ranging and great articles. I often quote them when I speak to others, clients and associates, and they certainly help me to feel well informed professionally and in business matters. They do influence my outlook and thinking. Well done. Murray Downs    

[Facebook Symbol] Machiavelli Inc: Are corporations psychopaths?   Acuity said: Corporations can choose to act immorally, like psychopaths, but it is people who have the power to punish them for unethical practices, argues philosopher Tim Dean.  

Clark Hyland: Corporations are necessarily constrained by law as conscience is often lost through bureaucratic systems. So must be treated as brute beasts. However it's essential that governance and behaviour of directors and professionals are held to and protected in acting with the necessary duty of care within them. So a little complex in my view.   Joanne Cole: Depends on the culture of the Corporation. If it’s driven by profit and assets growth at any cost,it’s going to attract like minded people (leaders). These are the people most likely to have undeveloped empathy and ethics (poor theory of mind) and yes, psychopaths are usually over represented in these corporations and businesses.   [LinkedIn Symbol] Teaming up on a fintech start-up   CA ANZ said: Read about how husband and wife Andrew Petris and Charlotte Petris set up Timelio an online invoice marketplace and made a winning team.   Peter Griffiths: Great stuff you guys, watching this growing success story with enormous interest, delighted for the success you are making of things.