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How Crofts achieved ‘seamless workflows’ and saved time with MYOB

Switching to MYOB has saved time and improved efficiency in many ways for this Sydney practice. Brought to you by MYOB.

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, it makes sense for accountancy firms to use workflow efficiencies that save time and maximise revenue.

That’s especially the case right now, with disruption caused by COVID-19 viewed by many organisations as an ideal reason to explore new ways of boosting efficiency and growing revenue.

For Fabio Carrillo CA, from Crofts Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors in North Sydney, a big factor for the firm successfully navigating this disruptive year has been the move to MYOB Practice Solutions.

‘Paperless processes’ make remote working easy

When it came to what the firm wanted from MYOB, Carrillo says the Crofts team wrote a list including live data, real-time budgets, efficiency in searching and saving documents, workflow management by all staff and practice management that enabled solid and easy reporting.

While all these elements were step-ups from the firm’s previous “clunky” software, Carrillo points to another function as a game changer in today’s new world – paperless processes.

“Our old system wasn’t good for moving anything paperless, so that was one of the main reasons for switching to MYOB because having that paperless system gives you more efficiency,” the Crofts associate director explains.

“That was one of the main reasons for switching to MYOB because having that paperless system gives you more efficiency.”
Fabio Carrillo CA

According to Carrillo, moving to MYOB’s solution was key to the firm’s success through COVID-19 because when the pandemic struck earlier this year, “we were in a good place to have people working from home or anywhere”.

“As long as you have an internet connection, you can work with MYOB Practice Solutions and having that ability to be able to work from anywhere is quite important for staff now.

“It’s really easy to find documents from wherever you are located, for managers to review a staff member’s work, and the documents manager system is good as it allows people to easily find documents faster remotely,” he says.

MYOB’s two-factor authentication feature and team security settings keep information and documents secure and accessible only to team members, no matter if they are working from home or in the office.

Another aspect that makes working from home very easy is that MYOB’s system is designed to be personalised, Carrillo adds.

In practice, this means, in part, that all team members have homepages providing them with the information most relevant to them as soon as they log in.

Carrillo says this gives his staff an efficiency advantage right from the get-go each day.

MYOB’s streamlined implementation didn’t disrupt work

Another benefit for the firm, Carrillo says, is that MYOB provides an all-in-one solution that covered everything it required, with implementation he describes as “seamless”.

In particular, he points to how the firm was given time to get used to each module independently thanks to them being added separately over a six-month timeline.

“The implementation of the new system in steps was great,” he says. “We were introducing one function of the MYOB practice management system and then getting people to get used to it; then, once that happened, we would move to the next step.”

On this point, the personalised service the firm received was a plus, with a project manager walking the management team through each step of the implementation process.

“We had meetings every four weeks to see how we were going. That allowed us to make sure we planned ahead so that whatever we needed to do from that side was done. Overall, it helped to make the process a smooth one,” Carrillo says.

‘Full integration’ saves time for team members

Once the implementation was complete, Carrillo says it became clear that the “full integration” between all modules would be a standout benefit of MYOB’s solution.

MYOB has enabled contacts, employees, security and reporting to be accessible across the suite – a big improvement from the firm’s old system, he says, and one that saves team members effort throughout the day.

“This has reduced our time that we need to spend on compliance work and given us additional time to look at providing additional service to our clients,” he says.

“This has given us additional time to look at providing additional service to our clients.”
Fabio Carrillo CA

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