Date posted: 03/04/2017 2 min read

Acuity podcast episode three now live

The third episode of the Acuity podcast, which discusses Amazon’s imminent arrival in Australia, is now available.

In brief

  • Episode three of the Acuity podcast outlines what Amazon’s arrival in Australia could mean for retailers.
  • Tonya Garcia from Market Watch and Paul Greenberg from the National Online Retailers Association feature in this episode.
  • The Acuity podcast is now being published fortnightly instead of monthly.

Episode three of the Acuity podcast examines the potential ramifications for retail businesses and consumers when Seattle-based e-commerce giant Amazon sets up shop in Australia.

Launched in July 1994 as an online bookstore, Amazon is the largest e-commerce retail business in the world. As well as competing with traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers on price, Amazon puts a premium on convenience. In its core markets, such as the US, Amazon’s customers enjoy innovations such as Amazon’s Dash button and Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant, that make purchasing from Amazon quicker and easier than it is with any other retailer.  

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In episode three of the Acuity podcast, which is titled There’s a Storm Coming, and its Name is Amazon, host Mike Lynch and Acuity’s Leigh Sujanto examine the possible ramifications for retailers and consumers when Amazon launches its full service in Australia.  

Joining them to discuss how Amazon’s impending rollout in Australia will impact the local retail landscape are Tonya Garcia from Market Watch and Paul Greenberg from Australia’s National Online Retailers Association (NORA).

Episode three kicks off with Garcia, a New York-based consumer and retail reporter, outlining how Amazon’s rise has impacted leading retailers in the US such as Macy’s and Walmart.  

Later in the podcast, Greenberg, who co-founded Deals in 2004 and is an online retail leader in Australia, offers an alternate view on what Amazon’s mooted launch in Australia could mean for retailers. Listen to episode three of the Acuity podcast above, or follow the links below. 

Acuity podcast changes

Following positive feedback since launching in February, the Acuity podcast is moving from monthly to fortnightly. As of this month, new episodes of the Acuity podcast will be published twice every month.  

The format of the Acuity podcast is also changing. You can keep up with latest at    

The Acuity podcast is available to stream and download at The free Acuity podcast tackles the latest issues in economics, business and finance.  

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