Date posted: 15/05/2017 2 min read

Acuity podcast episode six now live

Episode six of the Acuity podcast, featuring TED speaker and author of The Business Romantic, Tim Leberecht, is now available.

In brief

  • The new episode of the Acuity podcast investigates romance in business in the era of new technology.
  • This episode features TED speaker and author of The Business Romantic, Tim Leberecht.
  • The Acuity podcast is published fortnightly.

Titled In Business...a Little Romance Goes a Long Way, the latest episode of the Acuity podcast investigates how romance is the key to winning and succeeding in business in the era of new technology.  

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are part of our everyday lexicon. Innovation and disruption are ever-present and almost every other day we’re being told about a new technology that will change our lives for the better. At the same time, the overarching consensus is that big data and AI are about to revolutionise business in a manner that will adversely affect our livelihood.  

However, Tim Leberecht offers a refreshing reminder that romance still plays a part in business success in the 21st Century.  

A German-American author, entrepreneur and consultant with 20 years’ experience in marketing leadership roles, Leberecht believes one of the big challenges businesses face today is a disenchanted workforce. Leberect tells hosts Mike Lynch and Leigh Sujanto the way we have traditionally worked is no longer working. 

“Only 30% of employees worldwide are fully engaged at work,” Leberecht says. “Very quickly enthusiasm on the job makes way for cynicism, usually after six months. There are all kinds of indicators that are showing us that the way we are working is not working.

“[Organisations] need to find a way to re-enchant their workplaces in order to attract and retain the talent that they need to thrive in the future.”  

He also addresses the business challenges surrounding the rise of artificial intelligence and automation.  

“Businesses need to prepare for the coming age of machines, the fourth industrial revolution,” says Leberecht. 

“Digital technology has really helped us become more efficient, but will it allow us to live more fulfilled work lives in the organisations of today and tomorrow? Those are the three big challenges that organisations are facing and need to prepare for.”  

To hear more from Leberecht on romance business in the age of machines, listen to the Acuity podcast now.   

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