Date posted: 29/05/2017 2 min read

Acuity podcast episode seven now live

Episode seven of the Acuity podcast, featuring Ricardo Semler discussing his unconventional style of management, is now available.

In brief

  • Episode seven of the Acuity podcast investigates unconventional wisdom in business leadership.
  • This episode features Ricardo Semler, CEO of Brazilian company Semco, sharing his insights into the success of unconventional management styles.
  • Ricardo Semler is speaking at CA ANZ's two-day Business Forum 2017 event, which is taking place in Sydney and Auckland in June.

Titled Get out of the box and apply wisdom, the latest episode of the Acuity podcast investigates how unconventional management styles can be applied to traditional company structures to build trust and commitment, towards a shared desired outcome.

Ricardo Semler, CEO of Semco, speaks candidly with hosts Mike Lynch and Leigh Sujanto about how his background in music helped create a commonsense approach to business.

He says music required a fluid synergy that held people together. It was this artistic awareness that informed Semler's desire to change the rationale behind conventional, stringent management styles.

Semler, pictured below, says that the conventional approach contained too many rules and processes, which was killing creativity. 

"It was killing an individual's desire to get up in the morning and go to work," he says in Acuity podcast episode seven (above).

Semler needed to attack these two things.

"What we are saying is we know you are an adult, you got here with a lot of effort, at least with 20 years of schooling," he says. "You know what to do, just go and do it the way you want with the people you think you want. 

"Go to the person you think you trust. We are not going to give you an organisation chart which says go from this box to this box." 

Semler also addresses the practical steps involved in the transformation from a traditional company structure to one based on wisdom.  

"Setting one up is relatively easy," Semler says. "Transforming one is harder."

To hear more from Semler on thinking out of the box and applying wisdom in leadership, listen to epsiode seven of the Acuity podcast now.   

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