Date posted: 03/07/2017 2 min read

New Acuity podcast with BRiN entrepreneur Dale Beaumont

Episode nine of the Acuity podcast, featuring Dale Beaumont, the creator of the business advisor application BRiN, is now available.

In brief

  • Episode nine of the Acuity podcast is titled "Need a business advisor? There's an app for that" with Dale Beaumont.
  • Beaumont discusses how his app BRiN was developed to give every person, running their own business, a business advisor.
  • The Acuity podcast is available to stream and download for free.

Episode nine of the Acuity podcast features Dale Beaumont, an award-winning technology entrepreneur, speaker, and author.

In this episode, Beaumont explains how his experiences working with thousands of business owners has led him to develop a mobile application (app) that has become the world's first artificial intelligent (AI) business advisor. 

Beaumont says that when users first download the app, they will be introduced to BRiN. BRiN is an AI powered business advisor who chats to users and encourages them to create an account.  The advisor will commence asking users questions relating to business goals.  The business advisor will then make recommendations that may be relevant to that business.

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BRiN's cleverness lies in its ability to identify opportunities and threats and provide solutions.

"For BRiN to become super smart, she's going to need to have access to different software services that you may be using in your business. So what you can do is link BRiN through API to services like Google Analytics, or your CRN system, or even services like MYOB, or Xero, or Intuit, whatever accounting software that you're using.

“I think if you're lucky enough to be able to afford to have a human advisor, someone helping you in your business, then you absolutely should.”
Dale Beaumont, entrepreneur and founder of BRiN.

"BRiN will go to work in the background to find opportunities and threats within your business, even before you could pick them up yourselves and bring them to your immediate attention," Beaumont says.

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In this episode of the Acuity podcast, Beaumont also outlines his thoughts regarding the issues surrounding the use of clever apps replacing human roles such as business and financial advisors.

"Well, I don't think it will replace [humans]. I think that it will supplement, because right now, like a lot of people are saying, is it going to disrupt human business advisors. And I think if you're lucky enough to be able to afford to have a human advisor, someone helping you in your business, then you absolutely should.

"However, sadly though, it's 1% of people who actually pay for that service and are able to benefit from it. So we're not really interested in that 1% of the market.

"We're really interested in the other 99% that don't have access to a business advisor. And we're really interested in helping those people," Beaumont says.

To hear more from Beaumont, listen to episode nine of the Acuity podcast now.  

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