Date posted: 18/04/2017 2 min read

Acuity podcast episode four now live

The fourth episode of the Acuity podcast, which investigates ethics in business, is now available.

In brief

  • The new episode of the Acuity podcast investigates ethics in business.
  • John Neil from The Ethics Centre in Sydney is interviewed in this episode.
  • The Acuity podcast is published fortnightly at the start and middle of each month.

Titled Who Knew? – Ethics and Business Equals Profit, episode four of the Acuity podcast delves into the potential return on investment that comes from doing the right thing.  

Are you doing the right thing by your customers and employees? Do you live and breathe ethical values, or do you treat these concepts as aspirational rather than practice?  

In episode four of our podcast (above), hosts Mike Lynch and Jennifer Black talk with John Neil, co-head of advice and education at the Ethics Centre in Sydney, about the importance of business ethics and how behaving ethically in business can not only save businesses money, but also add to the bottom line.

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Neil says that events post-GFC, and the rise of the internet, have forced a greater sense of responsibility onto business and increased calls for transparency into how businesses operate. 

“That view that there’s a domain of business ethics that’s separate from ethics generally has significantly changed over the past ten to 15 years,” Neil says.  

Business ethics is the application of ethical philosophy to the world of business, but the questions are the same, Neil says. “The ethics are asking fundamental questions about what we do in the world and what’s meaningful and purposeful.”

To hear more from Neil on why he believes that acting ethically is good for business, listen to episode four of the Acuity podcast now.  

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