Date posted: 12/06/2017 2 min read

Acuity podcast episode eight with Ken Segall

Episode eight of the Acuity podcast, featuring former Apple creative director Ken Segall, is now available.

In brief

  • Episode eight of the Acuity podcast is titled “Keep it simple for success with Ken Segall”.
  • Segall discusses his experiences working alongside Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.
  • The Acuity podcast is available to stream and download for free.

Episode eight of the Acuity podcast features former CEO of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Lee White FCA interviewing former Apple Creative Director Ken Segall at the World Business Forum in Sydney on 31 May 2017.

In this episode, Segall reflects on working at Apple alongside Steve Jobs for 12 years, describing the Apple co-founder as complex, charismatic and inspirational.  

 “He was a very complete person,” says Segall. “He managed to get great work out of people, and in many cases better work than they themselves thought possible.”

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In this episode of the Acuity podcast, Segall also outlines his thoughts around simplicity, and how it can lead to success. It’s a topic he has covered in depth in two bestselling books: Insanely simple: The obsession that drives Apple’s success, and Think simple: How smart leaders defeat complexity.  

“We simultaneously have this desire for simplicity and we are more than willing to make things more complicated,” says Segall.   

“You need a leader who’s willing to put the safeguards in place. And it’s difficult because there are smart people who might add something really good to what you’re doing and you don't want to just count them out. So there’s got to be some intelligence applied to how you protect your ideas.”  

To hear more from Segall, listen to episode eight of the Acuity podcast now.  

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