Date posted: 02/10/2018 4 min read

Acuity magazine's October/ November 2018 issue out now

The latest edition is packed with hard-hitting interviews, exciting articles and member profiles

In Brief

  • Acuity magazine is always packed with fresh ideas, insight and foresight on matters of economics, business and finance.
  • The latest issue features a pick of the future leaders of Australia’s major accounting firms and an interview with departing inspector-general of taxation Ali Noroozi, among other member profiles
  • Also read features on celebrity entrepreneur Mark Bouris, why accounting firms are rejecting telework and how to unlock the benefits of Excel

Subscribers of the magazines can look out for the brand new October/November 2018 issue of Acuity magazine in their post boxes.  

Those wishing to access it online can click here to read the e-book.

Inside this issue

Here’s a snapshot of what we cover in this issue:

Rising Stars: Meet some of the future leaders of Australia’s major accounting firms.  

Mike Andrew on the dark side: What one of Australia’s leading accountants learned up against the black economy.  

Committed to public service: Ian Goodwin mixes his role as deputy auditor general in the Audit Office of NSW with his Army Reserve duties.  

Riding the ATO: Departing inspector-general of taxation Ali Noroozi talks about compliance, trust and his relationship with the ATO.  

Chinese accounting’s turf war: Home-grown Chinese accounting firms are so far failing to take over the industry from the Big Four.  

Musk, Bezos and the economics of space: Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are investing huge amounts in human space exploration. What’s the payoff?  

Juggling numbers and talent in the NRL: Celebrity entrepreneur Mark Bouris, tells of his love for the Sydney Roosters and his impact on their board.  

Hard demand for soft skills: Sheer technical ability is becoming just one factor in management success.  

Voice of experience: Tracy Benge was a high-flyer in finance before switching roles to follow her passion for wine.  

1+1 Partnerships: A KPMG mentoring relationship bears fruit for both participants.  

A view from … the Shetland Islands: Martin Tregonning lives some 200 miles off the Scottish mainland – but the nearest Kiwi/Aussie is never far away.  

Making telework work: Why are accounting firms rejecting telework, and how can it be made to work for them?  

Spreadsheet evil: Our column on financial modelling and spreadsheet construction examines the risks in some advanced functions.  

Microsoft's Power BI: Unlocking the benefits of the Microsoft’s business intelligence tool that’s built into Excel.  

Your service as a product: Productise your accounting services and grow your revenue.  

Combining digital and the human touch: Even as technology gets smarter, great customer service still depends on human interaction.  

Emails and how to find them: Research shows searching, not sorting, is best.  

Where in the world?: Color Accounting International’s Mark Robilliard travels the world teaching the basics of accounting.  

Cheap prediction: When will AI move beyond cheap prediction to making judgements?  

The role of evaluator-general: An evaluator-general could check whether government programs get results.  

Theory and more theory: Are long periods of expansion giving us a false sense of security, asks economics columnist Donal Curtin.  

The productivity growth conundrum: Is an increase in zero-sum activities slowing our productivity growth?  

Ninja warrior and accountant: Chris Chan is aiming for life balance – and a second series of Australian Ninja Warrior.


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