Date posted: 1/06/2017 2 min read

Acuity magazine June/July 2017 issue now available

The June/July 2017 issue of Acuity magazine, featuring fashion icon Margaret Zhang on the cover, is now available.

In brief

  • The June/July 2017 issue of Acuity magazine is now available, offering fresh ideas, insight and foresight on matters of economics, business and finance.
  • This issue features interviews with Margaret Zhang, Mohanbir Sawhney, New Zealand's Justice Minister Amy Adams, Inland Revenue CEO Naomi Ferguson, Emily Plummer CA, Adele McLay FCA, and many more.
  • Acuity magazine is published bi-monthly and is available in print as well as in various digital formats.

The June/July 2017 issue of Acuity magazine, featuring young Australian fashion icon Margaret Zhang on the cover, is now available.  

Across 114 pages the newly published June/July 2017 issue of Acuity magazine offers fresh ideas, insight and foresight on matters of economics, business and finance.  

As well as reading in print, Acuity magazine can also be read in a number of digital formats. Download the Acuity app in iTunes now to read Acuity magazine on your iPad or iPhone. Please note that existing subscribers to the Acuity iTunes app will need to update the app to access the latest issue of the magazine. If Android is your preference, you can download the Acuity app in Google Play as well. Acuity magazine can also be read online on your desktop or laptop.

Inside this issue

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find in the June/July 2017 issue of Acuity magazine.

  • Cover story: Loaded up on technology and global ambition, the younger generation is ready to take the modern workforce by storm. And fashion icon Margaret Zhang is leading the charge.
  • Raw talent: Maryann Chen CA combines entrepreneurship and technical skill in her career and shows how chartered accountants can succeed in business.
  • Where in the world: Meet Simon Hanna CA, acting CFO, FIBRA Macquarie Mexico, at the Mexico City office of Macquarie Group.
  • Watch and learn: Ian Leggett FCA extols the values of "keeping your eyes open and learning from others", as both served him well in the UK's publishing industry.
  • Building a business technology toolbox: Developments in technology are shifting the corporate landscape quickly, and forever. How prepared are you?
  • A tax on robots: Bill Gates's proposal for a "robot tax" highlights technological risks to jobs - and also to the income tax base.
  • How to deal with an unknown giant: The greatest threat to small businesses is always the unknown, including the impact of competition from offsore.
  • Fighting crime with statistics: PwC has created a big data model for the New Zealand Ministry of Justice that aims to identify youths at risk of offending so they can be set on a better life path.
  • Thinking computers: Educating your staff about the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence (AI) can help alleviate a fear of robot "job stealers" and increase engagement and productivity.
  • Tax detox: As New Zealand's tax department undergoes digital transformation, the woman leading Inland Revenue, Naomi Ferguson, outlines why a vast change was needed and how it will make life easier for taxpayers.
  • Tips, tools and techniques of the predictive practice: If chartered accountants could see into the future, imagine the value that they could offer their clients.
  • Work-life-study balance: Becoming a chartered accountant through the CA Program has never been a walk in the park, but help will soon be at hand for candidates who are struggling.
  • The uncanny age of data: The mindblowing power of big data is shaking political structures and changing the way businesses reach customers.
  • Tell me a story: How accountants can harness the power of storytelling to better engage, and inform, their audiences and become better business partners.
  • Working cities: Urban regeneration can make or break a city's economic and social prospects.
  • When ivory towers and industry meet: Remarkable results can be achieved when academia and businesses collaborate.
  • The corridors are your catwalk: A New Year's resolution to "become a fashion blogger" sparked such a successful business that Emily Plummer CA has quit her role and devoted herself to inspiring women to look beter - and get ahead - at work.
  • Putting muscle into small businesses: Body building and putting some muscle into small businesses might not seem immediately connected, but for business growth strategist and keynote speaker Adele McLay FCA, they are fundamentally related.

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