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Acuity magazine April/May 2018 issue out now

The new edition of Acuity magazine for April/May 2018 is now available.

In Brief

  • The new issue of Acuity magazine is packed with fresh ideas, insight and foresight on matters of economics, business and finance.
  • The new edition of Acuity magazine for April/May 2018 features an interview with New Zealand business legend Dame Alison Paterson, the trust crisis - how can businesses get people to believe again, and how companies can drive out harassers.

The brand new April/May 2018 issue of Acuity magazine is out now. 

Inside this issue

Here’s a snapshot of some of what we cover in this issue:

From the president: A message from CA ANZ President Jane Stanton.

My two cents: Camille Woods CA harnesses the power of the mind for work and play.

Words from a leader: Angel investor Chris Easton’s CA qualification has helped him forge an international business career.

Where in the world: Iftikhar A. Chaudhury’s positive attitude has been key to his success in Pakistan.

Stats incredible: Growth in world trade has been slowing since 2008.

Voice of experience: Con Trafakis, former managing partner of KPMG in South Australia, and one of CA ANZ’s 2017 fellows, talks about his determination to promote the state.

The trust crisis: People’s trust in business is ‘teetering on the edge’, according to research firm Edelman Intelligence. In Australia, trust in business in general dropped below 50 per cent for the first time in 2017.

The payments upheaval: Payments systems are being upended, thanks to blockchain and the rise of fintech companies. The RBA has even talked about issuing electronic dollars. 

Driving harassers out of business: Recent sexual harassment scandals have shown that powerful men can create enormous grief for people in their organization. We look at the steps accounting firm leaders can take to eliminate such behavior in their workplaces. 

Succession planning: Many accounting firm owners will want to retire over the next decade but may not know the best way to prepare. Acquisition specialists such as Brett Kelly CA have the answers. 

1+1: Chartered accountants Ross and Donald Jackson are keen cricketers. Ross is a past president of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants. 

Turning the world Crimson: Janine Manning CA on investing in and working for New Zealand’s hottest young talent in the education world, Jamie Beaton.

A view from... Rockhampton: Sarah Becker CA says regional areas must promote the amazing opportunities available. 

Experts vs persuaders: What do experts need to know about persuasion? In the age of #fakenews, expert knowledge is having to justify its existence as rarely before in the modern era. 

The future of finance: How Credit Suisse is selling itself to investors. An unusual look into one company’s vision of the corporate future. 

Two myths about automation: Many people believe that technological progress and job destruction are accelerating together. But Barry Eichengreen, professor of Economics at UC Berkeley and former IMF advisor, argues that while all jobs are being transformed, this is not the same as threatened. 

Member profile: Dame Alison Paterson FCA, a former Deputy Chair of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, has been a trailblazer for women on boards in NZ.

Member profile: Brett Godfrey, the co-founder of Virgin Australia, has gone into eco-tourism and is now co-owner of the Tasmanian Walking Company.

Music industry’s savior: After one and a half decades of decline, the music business is profitable again thanks to streaming subscriptions. But with the streamers still losing money, how long can the happiness last?

You’ll find all of this, and much, much more, in the April/May 2018 issue of Acuity magazine.

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