Date posted: 06/11/2020 5 min read

Acuity gets two nods at the Mumbrella Publish Awards

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s member magazine, Acuity has been recognised at the Mumbrella Publish Awards, winning Columnist of the Year and Highly Commended for Business Publication of the Year.

In Brief

  • Acuity has won two awards at the Mumbrella Publish Awards
  • Columnist Donal Curtin won Columnist of the Year
  • Acuity was awarded a Highly Commended in the Business Publication of the Year category

By Hannah Tattersall

Longstanding Acuity columnist Donal Curtin has won Columnist of the Year at the Mumbrella Publish Awards for a series of columns he wrote for the accounting magazine.

Curtin was recognised as a “lively and entertaining columnist” who writes engaging content and was praised for his “command of economics, quick wit and understanding of his audience”.

Donal CurtinPicture: Donal Curtin.

Curtin’s columns, on topics such as fiscal policy, inflation and banking, are widely read both in the magazine and online.

Acuity also won a Highly Commended accolade for Business Publication of the Year, an award which recognises excellence in all aspects of B2B publishing, including editorial content and design, production, branding, strategic planning and overall execution.

For a full list of winners go to Mumbrella.

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Double-digit inflation was a thing in the 1970s and ’80s. Today, inflation could hit zero – and that’s bad for business.

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