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Acuity magazine's August/September 2018 issue out now

The latest edition of Acuity magazine is now available.

In Brief

  • Acuity magazine is always packed with fresh ideas, insight and foresight on matters of economics, business and finance.
  • The August/September 2018 issue features an update on the CAANZ strategic review, a critical analysis of the Big Four, an interview with NZ CFO of the Year Jennifer Whooley and an all-new events calendar
  • Read features on the growing trend of virtual CFOs, the next SMSF shakeup, the challenges of ‘laboratory meat’, why hackers are needed and the benefits of staff turnover.

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Inside this issue

Here’s a snapshot of what we cover in this issue:

* Accounting’s Big Four The Big Four are growing at a remarkable pace, but their success is drawing record scrutiny.  

* Strategic review CA ANZ CEO Rick Ellis explains his blueprint for the future.  

* Bowen in the Keating mould Would-be Australian treasurer Chris Bowen’s circle of advisers includes his hero, Paul Keating.  

* Events Calendar Accounting events on the horizon.  

* All in her Stride New Zealand CFO of the Year Jennifer Whooley forges a career in the property industry.  

* Where in the world? Robert Quinlivan’s journey from Perth to New York, Tokyo, London, Seoul and Hong Kong.  

* The next SMSF shakeup A new crop of inquiries and reports points to yet more  regulation for Australia’s SMSFs.  

* Hackers, your new best friends? Not all hackers are embarrassing and plundering companies, says a cybersecurity expert.  

* Rise of the virtual CFO Awareness of the benefits of vCFO services is growing among SMEs.  

* The challenge of made-up meat Will “laboratory meat” destroy the Australasian cattle industry, or offer new opportunity?  

* A public spend-up off the books Economics columnist Saul Eslake examines a budget infrastructure accounting oddity.  

* Staff turnover’s silver lining Staff turnover is now recognised by leading organisations for the opportunities it offers.  

* Client monies? Proceed with caution Strict rules constrain chartered accountants’ handling of clients’ funds. Breach those rules and you’ll pay a high price.  

* A view from … Port Stephens A beach getaway has helped Amanda Gascoigne CA achieve a better work-life balance.  

* Voice of experience World War II veteran and 80-year CA ANZ member Neil Harton has seen it all.  

* 1+1 Partnerships Ross Ledger FCA’s six-decade career makes him the perfect foil for business partner Vivian Wang CA.  

* Trust and the chairman KPMG Australia chairman Alison Kitchen wants openness and trust in a sceptical era.  

* The practice suite heads for the cloud Cloud computing is poised to bring a generational shift in practice software.  

* Financial model templates – help or hindrance? Our column on financial modelling and spreadsheet construction looks at reusing designs.  

* Pricing: Easy as 2-5-3 How to price your accounting services using the 2-5-3 method.  

* Disappointed by your pay rise? New salary data shows the gap between what staff want and what employers will pay.  

* Progress counts The idea of progress has become progressively less popular; can its champions redeem it?  

* The all-online market Big Chinese platforms such as Alibaba and open new sales channels for exporters.  

* Fighting for a vision AGL CFO Brett Redman has stayed firm in the face of political pressure on renewable energy.  

* The Good Guys Three accountants turn to radio to keep alive the language and culture of Konkan.

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