About Tim Mackay FCA

Tim Mackay FCA has over 20 years’ experience in private wealth management, providing tailored financial solutions to high net wealth and ultra high net wealth private clients at Sydney-based financial planning practice Quantum Financial.    

In 2014 Mackay was recognised as SMSF Advisor of the Year by Independent Financial Adviser Magazine. Prior to Quantum Financial, Mackay worked at Deutsche Bank, UBS and HSBC in London, New York and Sydney.  

Mackay successfully completed Deutsche Bank’s graduate training program on Wall Street and spent time working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He held roles as a sell-side equity research analyst, exotic derivatives analyst and as a property analyst.  

Mackay is a FCA (FP Specialist), Certified Financial Planner, SMSF Specialist Advisor and holds a BEc (Hons, Sydney) and an MBA (London Business School).

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