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5 steps to better value health cover

From money back on extras to wellbeing programs and at-home treatments, here are five key ways to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Brought to you by HCF.

Choosing the right health insurance for your family can be a daunting prospect, with so many options for levels of cover, extras and other benefits. And many Australians aren’t getting the most out of their health insurance, often because they’re unaware of exactly what their cover entitles them to.

According to Belinda Williams, head of call centre operations at HCF, a critical mistake can be to weigh up the cost of various policies without considering something far more critical: value.

“Your health is your most precious asset so it’s important to be proactive in making the right choices to take charge of it,” Williams tells Acuity. “It’s worth checking your cover as there may be benefits that you didn’t know about such as 100% back on extras, mental health plans or wellbeing tools.”

“Your health is your most precious asset so it’s important to be proactive in making the right choices.”
Belinda Williams, HCF

Here are her five tips to get more out of your cover...

1. Extra entitlements

Extras can include treatments such as root canal surgery, prescription glasses, occupational therapy and podiatry. Look for policies that offer 100% back on some of the most popular extras, like dental, optical, physio and osteo.

2. Tools of the trade

Some insurers offer online tools or apps that allow members to research providers and preferred hospitals to find high-quality no-gap treatment that suits their needs. They can also quickly check on any potential out-of-pocket expenses – a benefit that’s particularly useful when the rising cost of living is top of mind for Australian families.

3. Looking after your wellbeing

Health cover shouldn’t be just for when someone needs to go to hospital. Many policies come with tailored wellbeing programs designed to keep members on top of their health. Some are preventative, helping reduce the risk of more serious conditions further down the track.

Examples may include weight management, mental health and sleep programs, or courses for those with diabetes or heart conditions. Weight management programs such as Healthy Weight for Life use science-based approaches to support nutritious eating and exercise plans, while the whole family may be able to access mental health services like PSYCH2U, Calm Kid Central and This Way Up.

4. At-home hospital treatments

Nothing beats the comfort of being in your own home, especially when you’re unwell. That’s why some health insurance policies offer access to a range of at-home treatments that would normally have to be done in a medical establishment.

Such treatments could include intravenous therapy antibiotics, complex wound care, rehabilitation after a hip or knee replacement and chemotherapy.

5. Unexpected bonuses

Before choosing a policy, it’s worth looking into whether it includes additional loyalty benefits such as offers and discounts on essentials like groceries and petrol, or treats and experiences for the whole family.

“We’re a not-for-profit organisation,” Williams says, “so we can focus on providing great value to our members and help them lead the healthiest lives possible.

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