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Ensuring accountants are protected

Professional indemnity insurance has increased by 76% in the last four years, so finding the right policy is more important than ever. Brought to you by Aon.

Accountants have been navigating the challenges of the economic climate for their clients, but some have been so busy they’ve put their own insurance requirements on the backburner. A 2022 report by APRA found professional indemnity insurance has soared by 76% since March 2019, putting many off taking out policies.

Aon Affinity managing director Lisa Henderson says there are five sure-fire ways they can ensure they’re properly protected.

1. Client claims

It’s important to remember that even experts can make mistakes.

“Professional indemnity is a safety net that protects an accountants’ practice,” Henderson tells Acuity. “If a client is unhappy with the advice they’ve received, they might look to make a claim against their accountant. “We’ve worked closely with CA ANZ members to develop a professional indemnity policy specific to their needs that caters to limits of indemnity and other important details associated with the accounting risks.”

2. Seek a specialist

Negotiating the complex world of insurance can be time consuming and confusing. “If you’re a small business, why wouldn’t you hand it over to a specialist?” Henderson asks.

“When an insurable event happens, it’s extremely stressful, and a broker can manage the whole process for you.”

3. Value over costs

Accountants know better than anyone that weighing up cost against value is a critical, albeit difficult task. Henderson warns that we’re living in a ‘hot market’ and all industries are experiencing both rising insurance premiums and an increasing number of claims.

“On top of that, we’re seeing more litigation, and it’s impacting insurance prices. We understand the desire to find the cheapest policy - but making sure you get the right cover is a question of value.”

“Making sure you get the right cover is a question of value.”
Lisa Henderson, Aon

4. Beware of underinsurance

The heightened pressures mean brokers have detected a concerning trend in underinsured businesses. Last year’s catastrophic floods highlighted the dire consequences of not having the right protection. “Insurance is something you need to adjust as your business changes - it’s not simply the wider economic conditions that accountants need to consider. Expanding practices, hiring new staff, opening new locations, and even putting in place new IT systems can all affect premiums.”

5. Cyber risks

If the concerns about the wider economy weren’t enough, accountancy firms are facing a dramatic increase in cyber attacks due to the amount of sensitive information they hold for clients. The Optus and Medibank hacks last year made the headlines, but accountants are experiencing lesser events daily. “Once your client’s data is breached, your brand can be seriously impacted. In Australia, only around 20% of SMEs have cyber insurance, compared to more than half of larger businesses.”

Aon’s new appointment

Aon has been appointed CA ANZ’s preferred PI member benefits partner for practitioners. As SME specialists for all the typical insurance needs of chartered accountants, Aon delivers industry-specialised insurance advice and service, and its teams find the right policy for the individual needs of chartered accountants. Visit to find out details of AON’s new offer for CA ANZ members.

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