Date posted: 15/06/2022 5 min read

Effective CPD is a career enhancer

It impacts career changes and progression in a way regular CPD does not. Alan Nelson, from CA ANZ learning partner accountingcpd, explains how. Brought to you by accountingcpd.

For many professionals, CPD has become a rote requirement rather than a crucial part of career advancement. But effective CPD needs to be immersive and tie in with individual and business goals. It’s not enough just to listen or watch – you need to be involved.

“Sometimes, we reach a point where we need some help with our next move. We know we want to do something new or bigger, but we can’t quite take that step. Many professionals developing in their career will have to tackle things that are outside of their comfort zone,” says managing director of accountingcpd, Alan Nelson.

“If you wanted to have a more strategic role, you could undertake more formal programmes. Our Certificate in Digital Innovation for Finance has helped thousands of accountants to understand how the finance function is evolving, and the opportunities presented by technological changes.”

Nelson says those looking to move into data analyst or finance business partner roles may also find longer, structured forms of CPD such as accountingcpd’s Careers Progression Pathways to be useful.

“On the other hand, someone changing organisations from a smaller SME to a multinational organisation will find the perfect ally is a wide range of short pieces of CPD, addressing very specific needs that can be accessed as they are required,” says Nelson.

Of course, CPD isn’t just for individuals. For organisations, providing training that is relevant to strategic objectives ensures all teams have the resources they need to help meet goals, and individuals the learning that will best help them fulfill their roles.

“In a survey we conducted, a massive 97% of respondents said accountingcpd helped them in their roles,” says Nelson.

Alan NelsonPictured: Alan Nelson

“In a survey we conducted, a massive 97% of respondents said accountingcpd helped them in their roles.”
Alan Nelson, accountingcpd

Learning with a difference

“accountingcpd’s range of material is what sets us apart,” says Nelson. “We offer materials on technical skills, but we also have a wide range of material for soft skills that professionals need to be effective – negotiation, coaching, resilience, and emotional intelligence skills, to name a few. They’re provided in a variety of learning styles to suit the individual.”

In a recent survey, 78% of accounting professionals said they would like a mix of technical and professional skills when selecting topics for their CPD.

As Nelson points out, it’s these professional skills that many in the accounting field need to grow in order to be considered for, and excel in, more senior roles. Indeed, he believes the best way to approach CPD is to approach courses with personal growth in mind and consider how engaging the learning is.

“That's why we always encourage people to try one of our free courses to find out what the learning is like.”

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There’s still time to get relevant, engaging CPD ahead of your CPD deadline. To find out more about how accountingcpd can help you get the most of your CPD hours, visit to try a free verifiable CPD module.