Date posted: 27/05/2024 5 min read

Connecting the dots

A free resource for accountants, Resolve brings SME brokers, sellers and buyers together to streamline business sales. Brought to you by Resolve.

The odds are that a client will turn to you for advice when they’re thinking of selling their business. As an accountant, there’s much you can do to help. However, it can be difficult to know which business broker to recommend, given the lack of data on their specific expertise.

“Accountants want to do their best for their clients,” says Edward Scott, CEO of Resolve, a digital marketplace connecting buyers, sellers and brokers of SME businesses. “They know that the wrong broker can have a detrimental impact on the sale.”

Resolve adds value for accountants by streamlining the sales process for their clients.

“When we receive a referral from an accountant, we contact the seller to find out more about their business,” says Scott. “We then run key details through our database of top-rated brokers and recommend two or three with the best fit in terms of industry, deal size and locationspecific expertise.”

The broker of choice sets about presenting the business in the best light as they prepare it for sale. This includes analysing the seller’s financial records, operational processes and opportunities for growth. Meanwhile, Resolve drafts a listing, de-identified to preserve the seller’s confidentiality, and publishes it for the buyer market.

“We automatically notify relevant buyers in our 78,000-plus database of qualified buyers,” says Scott. “Our prospecting team also looks beyond the pool of registered buyers to create a list of strategic purchasers who may not be actively searching for deals or know about Resolve. We contact all of the prospects to introduce the opportunity and explain why we believe they might be interested in this particular business.”

As an example, the owner of a fashion accessories business decided to sell and approached their accountant for help. The accountant referred them to Resolve which, after gathering relevant information, recommended two brokers who specialise in the same industry and deal size.

“The business owner engaged one of them, Paul Prowse of Business Buying Services,” says Scott. “Within 10 weeks, the business was under offer and the sale was completed inside four months.”

Off-market opportunities

Resolve can also help accountants to work with clients who are considering selling but may not be ready to act immediately. A confidential off-market portal for de-identified businesses can attract interest from qualified buyers who pay a premium to hear about these early opportunities. If a qualified buyer shows interest, the business owner can opt to accept the connection, decline, or defer future connection requests for a set period of time.

There’s also help for accountants with a client who is looking to buy.

“Purchasing another business is a very popular way to grow,” says Scott. “Our search and filtering tools make it easy to find those that meet the specific criteria, and we can provide a wealth of information about businesses for sale such high-level financials, customer industries, growth potential and continuity of the management team in place, all while maintaining the confidentiality of listed businesses.”

Free hotline for unlimited information

Normally A$300 a year, Resolve is offering free access to the Resolve hotline for CA ANZ members who register before 30 September 2024. CAs can call the hotline any time to ask about buying or selling a business, or get answers to clients’ questions. Register now at: